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A recent work for a client. tho their version is different then this.

also have another alt version.

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The Beast's servants are looking for a (beautiful) girl turn teach their master some humanity, why not a real woman(older) like this one.
So Smug : I can agree to that, ooh la la.
Dindon2 : I say it's foolish to get hope up.
bnb2 : I think she'll look even more ravishing in the dresses I have.
Gaston Emotion : Now there's a woman I want to marry, instead of a book addicted child.
Beauty and the Beast - Belle Icon 6 Shocked. Beauty and the Beast - Belle Icon 3 Well! Well, if everyone wanted her instead of me, I have no grudge to hold. Good luck teaching him to behave and more importantly "control that childish temper of his". 
Chip2 : Don't be angry Belle. I still think you're the prettiest girl in the whole world.
Beauty and the Beast - Belle Icon 8 : Oh Chip. If only people(mostly men) would more mature like you, even for your age.
Chip2 : Gee, thanks. Um, Belle, what does "mute-cheer" mean?
oh goddammit i been away for a year and this is still you in the comeback >:C
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How do you blend like the skin on all your pictures <3
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pho3nix76's avatar
Gorgeous. Love the colors
Bladeninja76's avatar
Oh my, showing lots of skin here.
Flowrant's avatar
It's always so beautiful ! :D
TiffanyMason's avatar
BEAUTIFUL! The eyes are amazing! <3
fev-rocks's avatar
WOW! A gorgeous lady. Love the way, you have done her skin tone. And, great attention to detail, with the character.
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takaiBiscuit's avatar
Absolutely stunning! 
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Khasdannyanlord's avatar
really mastered use of gold!
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Ruyc's avatar
Good job, is that Natalya Simonova?
Gwarriorfanfic's avatar
Wow, awesome and gorgeous!
Grendelkin's avatar
I can hear Tina Turner singing now. ^_^
DerangedGod's avatar
Golden eyes... surely, that's unique! bear clap emoji 
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