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Proud with his cane! by ShuraiyaBascud Proud with his cane! :iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 31 10
Mature content
Secrets Chapter 16 (END) :iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 1 0
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Mature content
secret chapter 15 :iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 1 3
altairs eagle by ShuraiyaBascud altairs eagle :iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 3 0
secret chapter 14
Chapter 14
The two men were on the road again, still sneaking as they had no idea whether the orcs would be trying to pursue them or if they were alone now. None of them could hear anything unusual, only the birds singing in the trees and the wind blowing through the leaves.
Minas Tirith was close and they would surely arrive in safety. Though not knowing the castle was in panic, their king was gone like a blow in the wind, none had seen him leave and there hadn’t been any message from him or any kidnappers.
A search party had been sent out as soon as they found out King Aragorn were missing, and they had not returned yet. Arwen was worried he had been killed, but she couldn´t know as she did not have the powers of feeling the presence of him no more.
Outside the city the two wandering warriors had reached the gate of which had been closed due to the loss of their king. This was no hindrance for the two of them as the king was the one who wanted to enter.
“Halt! Who a
:iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 1 0
secret chapter 13
Chapter 13
The couple had been wandering down the enemies hallways again, none of them carrying weapons of any kind. They had been silent for the past 20 minutes, not daring to speak, as it could cause problems for them both, and trouble was not what they needed at the moment. What they did need was to find their weapons and get out of there.
Legolas had been thinking the same thought through over and over again. He said I was his love, he really said that; Legolas’ thoughts were. He couldn’t believe that this man actually said he loved him. He was married, to a woman, and had been for years. They had a child and he was king. How could he say he loved him? Had it only been a poor choice of words, or was he serious?
At the same time, Aragorn did not think of what he had said, he was focusing on the most important thing at the moment, finding their weapons, so they could get out, always prepared to kick some orc butt, if they should run into some of them.
They kept walking in
:iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 2 0
secret chapter 12
Chapter 12
The taller dark-haired man stood so close in the small closet, it made the smaller blonde stare directly into the others neck, breathing heavily as it became more hot. The closet is only just big enough for them both to stand there if they are standing very close.
Aragorn noticed nothing as his focus were lying somewhere else. Not but a moment later he felt a pair of wet lips on his neck and a hand by his crotch, it made good chills run down his spine. He moved his hand from the back wall of the closet to the elf’s shoulder and turned his head toward him.
“Legolas what are you doing?” Aragorn said with a smile.
The elf gave a small smile back and raised one of his dark eyebrows. “You know I like you right?” He said and kept looking up at him. Aragorn let his hand slide from the shoulder and up to the cheek.
“I know you do, but with something like that, we should probably wait for a better moment.” Aragorn said and kissed him on the c
:iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 1 0
secret chapter 11
Chapter 11
“Legolas, are you alright?” A whispering slowly got into the elf’s dream, but it wasn’t a dream was it? No there were something with this dream that seemed odd; the voice came from another world.
Legolas slowly opened his eyes looking directly into a couple of greenish grey eyes. Which belonged to the person he had tried to help just moments ago. Or was it longer? It felt like he had been lying on the damp floor for hours yes. He tried to rub his forehead, but found that his hands wouldn’t go anywhere without the other. He was tied up. The blue eyes widened as he sat up, looking at the dark haired ranger who lied before him, tied up too.
Legolas looked around in the small empty room, dark walls covered held up with wooden pieces. It was filthy and smelled of old orc flesh. “Where are… no wait, I know where we are.” The elf said and looked down at the human. “Aragorn, I’m so sorry I could have saved you.” He l
:iconshuraiyabascud:ShuraiyaBascud 3 0


Altair x OldAltair Cosplay - Bleeding Effect by 6Silver9 Altair x OldAltair Cosplay - Bleeding Effect :icon6silver9:6Silver9 18 3 Lucca Comics 2015 (19) by LorenzoLazioCreed Lucca Comics 2015 (19) :iconlorenzolaziocreed:LorenzoLazioCreed 2 0 ACR by sunsetagain ACR :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 710 40 Is much grief by RisingMonster Is much grief :iconrisingmonster:RisingMonster 332 20
Abbas and Malik
Malik leaned over the railing above the training ring, watching the Mentor play with his two young sons. The two chased him around with wooden swords, but he wasn't really trying to evade them. He allowed the two of them to tackle him to the ground, where they laid, laughing, in a pile. As Malik watched them, he felt a smile tug gently at the corners of his lips.
"What does he think he's doing?" sneered a voice from next to him.
Malik turned to see Abbas. He, too, was looking down at Altaïr, Darim, and Sef, though there was an expression on his face of distaste. His eyebrows were drawn together, and his lips were pressed into a thin line. His arms were crossed over his chest, and his spine was straight; he was not leaning casually against the railing as Malik was.
Malik raised an eyebrow at him. "What does it look like he's doing? He's spending time with his children."
"This is not the way of the assassin." Abbas growled, "Ever since he's become Grand Master, Altaïr has chang
:iconmoonsp1r1t:Moonsp1r1t 6 0
Birthday Present for Altair by ibahibut Birthday Present for Altair :iconibahibut:ibahibut 299 30 Smexy Sanji ~New World Cosplay by liui-aquino Smexy Sanji ~New World Cosplay :iconliui-aquino:liui-aquino 245 22 The Key of Durin Doodle by ElTheGeneral The Key of Durin Doodle :iconelthegeneral:ElTheGeneral 184 15 DisneyStyle: Altair and ezio by Cuine DisneyStyle: Altair and ezio :iconcuine:Cuine 274 108 The Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed Inspired (2) by thingamajik The Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed Inspired (2) :iconthingamajik:thingamajik 91 19 Shipwreck of Morrigan by sunsetagain Shipwreck of Morrigan :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 241 15 Destroy an Assassin Gang by sunsetagain
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Destroy an Assassin Gang :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 592 7
Maliiiiiik by doubleleaf Maliiiiiik :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 1,572 77 The Charioteer by sunsetagain The Charioteer :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 350 16 Ezio by bloody-hell-emo Ezio :iconbloody-hell-emo:bloody-hell-emo 2 4 Yu-Gi-Oh by Angels-Leaf Yu-Gi-Oh :iconangels-leaf:Angels-Leaf 320 31


I'm sorry I haven't updated my Yaoi "Kiss of anger" yet, but I have had a lot going on at school and still have as i'm senior in High school

I wanted to ask you guys who read Kiss of anger, if its okay that I only make the lineart and black spaces and not all the hacthings. I just realized that it takes me about 2 hours to finish just one page if i do the hatchings.

well what do you think guys??


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