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Grump plush (Game Grumps)

I don't usually post sketches like this on my DeviantART account, but- I thought you guys might like it c:
After posting this on Tumblr I got several messages from people asking if I was gonna make an actual 'Grump plush' (the one of Arin, in the picture), and well--
I bought a couple meters of felt online, so I'm gonna try and sew one, haha c';

(You can check out the plushie w.i.p right here:…)

-I'm super excited!! ;D
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this is SUPER fucking adorable!:love:

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I absolutely love this, it's so cute and so well drawn!  It makes me smile every time I see it!
shizuolover88's avatar
That was recreated from the picture of him with a Pikachu plush
Kittygreenfox67's avatar
AnnthePans's avatar
Omg this is wonderful!
heymanamesalie's avatar
This is SOO cool! I'm so happy Danny is so happy! Can I print this out and use it on my back to school stuff?
CupcakeChaos2324's avatar
OMG... I love Danny. This is AWESOME!
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Very well done!:clap:
Nakunii-Chan's avatar
Awsome and soo cut :D
Septiplier-Is-Real's avatar
It's so adorable! Are you going to do a coloured version or leave it as a sketch?
Either way, it's fucking cute!
MarcoPellino's avatar
Very interesting!! :)
ashyfur524's avatar
Baby! *grabby hands* Oh, he's so happy~~!
skyfallplier's avatar
Danny loves egoraptor
Winxhelina's avatar
Oooh he looks so happy. Wonderful sketch.
SpellboundFox's avatar
I love this so very much. :')
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0-P-A-L's avatar
So gawdamm adorable
KindaRudeCanadian's avatar
I want to favorite this FOREVERRR
;; ^;
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
New OTP. Dan x Arin plushie. I THINK I CALL IT PLUSHBANG.
SHNASHQ's avatar
Plushbang is the most cutest name
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
It's the closest he will ever get to Arin's love.
RabidOtakuBunny's avatar
this is sooo flawless <3
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