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Collaboration (Septiplier)

Sorry I haven't been uploading much lately, I've been a little busy...
Here's a rough Septiplier sketch though----

-If you like it, please consider donating a cup of coffee, using the link below!
Thank you so much!!
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Disgusting bruh

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Well if your gonna hate you can just leave thankee

Those are REAL LIFE people and their uncomfortable with being shipped with each other

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Then why didn’t you say that. Also, why the hell were you lookin for it If ya hate it so much ?

plus why are you defending it are you that down bad

wdym I wasn't looking for it I found it in the pictures and realized that I saw mark and jacksepticeye kissing so I left a comment

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hot and sexy very nice please more

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After careful consideration I can confirm that this is not a leek.

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Men this is way to realistic, stop it! you are rolling they freiend ship, they are reall peoples not just a characters from a bock!

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Damn... that's really realistic

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Really realistic... didn’t know they were a couple now! XD

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Literally got a nosebleed while looking at this picture, not even joking
I've had a cold all day and its been giving me periodic nose bleeds, I saw this pic
... And immediately got another one
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My life is complete because 2019 and im still shipping them haha
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this is my sinLonk Intensifies 
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Love your art it’s so realistic and awwwwsome!!!!!!Vschehgdhjdhfjefrjjdhcjrjsh *fangirl screams*
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