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Squall Leonheart full body

Frontside and backside renders of Squall full body. Modeled in blender and rendered with Cycles. Textures and shaders may evolve.
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can i have the front view side view back view?
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Would you be interested in joining me in a Final Fantasy remake that will be shopped to Square through their Collective program? It's a passion project at the moment utilizing an Action RPG system I am developing for my game Amaranthine Story. Let me know! is the quickest way to reach me! 
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My favorite character, and he looks AMAZING! I have never seen character renders from Final Fantasy look SO realistic and accurate. 

I love this - absolutely!:wow::iconbravoplz:
First of all, congratulations on your job, this model looks just perfect like a real final fantasy's character of Xbox 360 or playstation 3.

Could you please share this model for us? I know it took much time of yours do do it, but i really want use these to create scenes. :)

I appreciate your atention.
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Thank you SenhorDonizildo. Unfortunately the model is too complex to be used for any project, and it is not rigged yet. I don't work on it right now as i'm really busy. But i might share the model some day.
Ok, no worries, but i'm glad you answered my question :) keep up with the good work!
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Are all this models in low poly or High poly?
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This one is high poly. It serves me as a reference for the lowpoly models. Generally i mention in the model description if it is lowpoly or not. Actually i'm not satisfied with the lowpoly of Squall. 
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Really awesome!
I sent to you a note and i hope you could be interested in what i wrote in it :)
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This is beautiful!! Very well made modell!
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Wow, you've done great work of both Squall and Seifer with their full body renders. Their appearances are depicted not only really well in these, but also true to the originals. I'd love to see your work of the other FF8 characters as well (and Rinoa in her ballroom costume), but that's completely up to you of course.
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Wow that looks so awesome.
I just can say cool, cool and agani son cool - really - I don't know another word.
Great work - keep it up :)
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Wow that looks so awesome.
I just can say cool, cool and again so cool - really.
Great work
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Squall, my first VG character crush, hehe.
He looks really great, the hair is perfect.

Gah, wish I had other things to say than just "it's great!" but well, I really like your work. :)
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