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venom syndrome

Sorry guys, I just have to do another venom... can't control myself... nyaaaaaaah!... i just find myself sketching him again and again.

i call this madness... venom syndrome! nyaaaaaaah!
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Excellent work on this!

Esp cool cos you missed that creepy tongue!
cordia96's avatar
One of the best. Lotta detail, great pose, good angle and not too buff.
MaverickHunterA-194's avatar
Very great art of Venom!
...I wonder if it's Eddie inside this version of the suit, however.
zimil's avatar
Great Venom !
Mickwhitefire28's avatar
When looking at him, it's like he's screaming " NOW IT'S COWARD-KILLING TIME!!!!" At least, that's just my perception.
92-mi's avatar
is wonderful compliments is the most beautiful image I've ever seen on venom, could you maybe do it again with the whole body? would be spectacular.
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organicSTEEL's avatar
Love the way the spider emblem is coming off the chest. Well done.
Scirax's avatar
AWSOME Venom, i love the Detailed muscles and the color you chose too.

Shun-008's avatar
thank u very much. :D
The-Shockwave-Wolf's avatar
I really liked the way you drew the muscle man! Pure awesome ...

After seeing this I really need to work on mine hehe ... (How I draw muscle I mean)
Shun-008's avatar
thanks... :D
don't worry, i'm sure u can do it.
The-Shockwave-Wolf's avatar
Thanks hehe ...
I know, will a little more practice of course ... :D
PokeTheCactus's avatar
that is awesome :clap:
Shun-008's avatar
thank u very much. :nod:
maxchaos44's avatar
venom is my idol(im a weird guy) and nice work i like it
Shun-008's avatar
thanks a lot. :nod: really glad u liked it.
8-0's avatar
Hes huge and beefy
Shun-008's avatar
yeah, thanks for dropping by. :D stay coool.
8-0's avatar
Pulls out more muscle growth stuff and injects it all into the venom beefier and bigger + more veiny is always better =)
kalantiaw's avatar
"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! tinamaan ako ng kidlat sa mata!"

hehe.. galing!
Shun-008's avatar
lol :D... salamat s pagdaan pre... :thumbsup: :D
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