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October 26, 2008
" It is completely crazy in its detail.
Look how it tricks you, you think that skull to the centre is the head of the creature but no, look more carefully and you can find the actual head of the goblin. Also, look at how a tree seems to be woven through his body, you can see the texture of the wood and little limbs sticking out of the body. "

Goblin Death Liege by *Shun-008
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Suggested by synconi
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Goblin Death Liege

(Hope you like this one guys, stay coool... :D)

"Thunder claps... and from the dark, the earth moves... his every step brings shiver over those who've destroyed his brothers."


Goblin Death Liege (c) Shun-008
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kakigoreng83's avatar
ZivTrai235's avatar
Amazing Details, bud! Keep it up :)
Zoltan86's avatar
You`ve got some patience :O all those details... :O
youngskitz's avatar
Wow... all your work is good, but this bad boy is impressive.
Smitty309's avatar
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danielmarquezart's avatar
afsdasiufhdsafibas WOW! AWESOME!
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Waw!!! Spetacular!!!
xPokerx's avatar
At some point did u think maybe u had added one to many skulls....
Still amazing though!
Dubedition's avatar
You are seriously insane..
The-Greek-Celt's avatar
Oh, my freaking God! Okay, so...yeah, no comment, this is plainly...yeah, add a good eloquent and very OMG compliment here.
Omegachaino's avatar
just marvelous, "keep the force by with you"

sorry my english
Shun-008's avatar
thanks a lot omega... i really appreciate it. :nod:
Shun-008's avatar
thank u very much buddy... glad u liked it.
and sorry about the late reply. :)
sickboyardee's avatar
No problem at all! I am just as guilty of that over here. =]
Pramodace's avatar
Shun-008's avatar
thank u very much pramodace... glad u liked it. :nod:
sorry about the late reply.
Shun-008's avatar
thanks for appreciating pachi. glad u liked it... :nod:
Pachipach's avatar
MizzCloc's avatar
Wickedly creative!
Shun-008's avatar
thanks a lot mizz... and sorry 'bout the late reply. :D
thomfvc's avatar
how many years did u spent in this one?? xD
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