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The Birth of the Banana

By Shumijin
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Edit: I read to rules too fast and made it 500px high, so here's a 550 x 2000 pixels version : just in case lol
My entry for the contest~

I actually dont have the time to draw right now, but I had to enter this contest, because those minions are like the best things in the world :iconpapmingplz:

At first, I only wanted to do a fast parody of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, but I ended up doing parodies of a lot of other famous paintings (do you recognize them? ;D ) ..and I spent way too much time on this, I should do my hw and studies instead haha... 
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This is soooo beautiful!!!!!
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this is so beautiful, I want it painted on my bedroom wall! *sniff*
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this s awesome well done!
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I don't get why you didn't win xD This is so great ouo
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Thank you very much ^^ 
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this is epic, brilliant, wonderful, splendidly and much more! I love it!!! :la: :la: :la:
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Thank you very much!!! ;u;
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wow!! Amazing!
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Love it!!!

Too bad it didn't win... > < There are so much amazing entries!!
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Thank youu! ;u;
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ttttHIS FAMILY :iconaxmingplz: :iconaxmingplz: :iconaxmingplz: :iconaxmingplz: :iconaxmingplz:
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surprised this didnt win.
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wow this is just sooo awesome!
all the minioooooooooons!*A* is amazing! good luck!!
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I really wanted to see this get at least one of the three slots for winning but in the end I feel that it was the simpler entries that got picked; not saying they weren't worthy of winning it was a tight contest. You put so much detail and times into this piece and it shows through, you're still a winner in my books. :)
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Aw. I totally thought this would have won. Oh well. I still think it's really awesome. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
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this is hilarious <3
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Definitely thought this was a winner. You're still a winner with 8,077 views, but without the money (LOL)! 
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you should have won, shumijin. My heart literally aches that you didnt. This was clearly the best one. <3 No worries because you will go far! :) Keep creating and sharing your awesome talent <3 You have a fan for life.
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Ahhh thank you for thinking that I should have won! :) //hugs. And thank you so much for the encouragement! 
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