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"OMG... I can't stop it! It's too late.."
The transformation takes hold. There's no turning back.

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Hmm is she single?
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If she isn't, she is about to be
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This is very true.
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incoming transmission
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I gotta wonder, why do all of these fan made transforms seem distressed or to be fighting it? I'm a long time She-Hulk fan and last I checked unlike her cousin Bruce, Jennifer doesn't fight it. In fact she loves it and revels in it.
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In her original series Savage She-Hulk, she had much the same issues as Bruce:…
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Probably because the people in these transformations are teenage girls who fear being viewed as killer monsters.
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Uh oh, it looks like her alter-ego wants to come out and play.

Nice green eyes effect.:)
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Thanks. Yep, once it begins, there's no turning back!
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You're welcome. True, unless if someone or something calms her down.
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I like the model you chose for this pic. She has good attire, anda expression on her face. I love teenage she-hulks and I look foward to more as well as the next part to this where we see the beast has taken full control of her.
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Yeah, I've been slow on the part two of this. Trying to learn more tricks with Gimp.
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Thanks man, sorry. I have been so busy practicing writing stories, I have not been working on my photomaniping skills. I need to get back to that. Just WATCH me and you'll see it whenever/if ever it pops up in the future.
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I understand. Patience is a virtue.
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The right expression on her face.
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I came up with a good story for this:
Jen is a typical teenage girl who doesn't think much of the world. She lives a normal life and has not a single problem in the world. That is untill recently. During science class, an inproper chemical mix resulted in an explosion that greatly altered Jen's body. She is unaware that a beast now roams within her, untill now.
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Sounds like a good idea. I just posted my first story here on Deviant Art. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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Tkank you. I wanted to go with the teenage aspect of the She-Hulk and I felt that typical drama would be a good driving point. I'll be sure to check out your story.
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Pt. 2
While working on a homework assignment, Jen get's a phone call from her school. She is told that her incident in science class will go down on her permant record. This infuriates Jen to the point the monster that dwells within her is about to be revealed. Her eyes change from a dark brown color to a bright green color. She becomes progressively hot as she witneses what's happening to her in the mirror. She starts heavy breathing when she find's that her hair is growing and freaks out when she discovers she is turning green.
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Pt. 3
She falls to the floor as her transformation becomes more painful. Her body becomes taller and more muscular and her hair keeps growing and it changes from blonde, to brown to black. Her clothes struggle to contain the growing beast, but as the transformation progresses, her black tank-top splits down her back leaving her with her bra, hher skinny jeans start splitting along her muscular emerald green legs, her feet break the stiching on her sneakers and eventually her socks, the button on her jeans breaks off and the zipper splits off.
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