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I have changed many details from last one,and it looks more simple .Maybe this is the final version.

the original Faenza Icons were made for linux
by ~tiheum[link]

And this is a windows version installer made by ~Mr-Ragnarok[link]

The wallpaper" iDrops " was made
by ~nyolc8[link]
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Can't find the download link help me how to download this theme.Im new user.

how to download this theme ?
i'm newbie here
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There is download link on the right side ,check it out.
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So great! I was wondering what font this defaults to if the one displayed isn't available? It looks perfect.
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Thanks a lot, the font is Microsoft YaHei, you could change it to whatever you like.:)
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Thanks, this is very nice
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simple but awesome
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чего только азиаты не придумают
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does it support vertical taskbar?
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this theme look awesome!!!
its cool babes
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I'm using Shine 2.0 at the moment. But in terms of design I actually prefer this one!

I just love the decision you made to split a window into one solid part and the top part clear, I also LOVE that you simply entirely omitted the edges around the search and address bar; makes the whole window look a lot more tidy and calm.

There's only two things that made me stick to Shine (for the time being): 1. the glitch that Troubada mentioned on the thicker part of the border 2. (perhaps a problem on my side) in some windows I got some strange coloring and dropshadow effects behind the text, looked a lot like the older version.

Just my two cents, I hope to see a new version sometime :D
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