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Eternal Darkness (Rated-R-PonyStar Commission)

Finally done phew! I am very honored to do a commission for the author of Adapting To Night (which by the way is so cool!) So many roses! D: Still I am very happy how this came out nonetheless for this being my first commission! If you don't understand what is going on here basically the idea in this is that Luna killed Celestia finally.
Also this may continue! 
Here are the choices to take in the direction for the next part of the story:

1. Twilight learns Luna killed Celestia

2. Twilight is revealed to have aided in Celestia's death

3. Luna is haunted by Celestia after her death

4. Celestia survived the murder attempt and faked her death

Please choose which one you want on the comments below. 

Contest is OVER the winner is #4

Eternal Darkness Pt2 (Rated-R-PonyStar Commission) by ShujiWakahisaa <----Part 2

Price of Com: $27.00
Commissioned by :iconrated-r-ponystar:

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Shuji Wakahisa's OFFICIAL Commission Sheet by ShujiWakahisaa

Luna Celestia and Nightmare Moon don't belong to me they belong solely to :iconhasbroplz:
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3. That sounds the must fun! Would the haunting cause her to spiral into a greater madness or help bring redemption?
or 1. But I much prefer three as honestly the first two have been done. Though I'm sure you could twist it into something entertaining.
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clue comes to mind 

and yes i know the contest is over but meh 

soo where is page 2 ? link in description?? 
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2 would be a nice twist.
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4 "for" sure. Heh, get it? :)
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Option 3, please. That one has the most intrigue.
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1 feels like the predictable choice, so not that one.
2 is something that Twilight would never do... unless she was forced into it to keep others safe or if it was accidental. So 2 is good, but only if you take a alternate route with it (whether they were my suggestions or your own ideas). Otherwise, it's completely out of character.
3 has potential, but I feel like I'm unable to explain why. I just know that it's one of the better choices.
4 is cliched and would completely undermine the story. Definitely not this one.

So, in my opinion... 2 (with the alternate route) or 3 are the choices with the most story-telling potential. If I may, I put in my vote for both of them.
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I vote for 4.  I look forward to seeing more of this comic.
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