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Equestrian Wind Mage Pg 1

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Soooo I was browseing and came across a very interesting Fanfic to be honest it was so good I decided IMMA DRAW THIS! 
The story DOES NOT belong to me, nor do the characters, only the art! 
note: I did this all by hand but the tones I did digital if the need arises I will do this digitally.
Pg 1 You are here!
pg 2 = A Wind Mage To Equestria! Pg 2

MLP (C) hasbroso and :iconfyre-flye:
Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo
Story of this fic (c) Lord-Siravant:iconlordsiravant:
Art (c) Me

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Fluttershy's Mansion!
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YOu have made my life easier by adding this wonderful masterpice when i cannot stay awake to read a whole frggin page of words. Thank you.
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This looks to be an intriguing story.
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It's so cool that you made a manga of this fanfic!
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Thanks and I'm glad to do it this story is really good and well done so it needs more love as well
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I'm sure you'll find somepony.
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Doesn't everyone want to have company
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um whats a wind mage? 
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OMG I can't believe it! Thank you so much for taking this up!
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Hahaha no problem! A story this good needs a comic after all the plot is so well made too
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