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Puffy Cloud Brush

Well, decided to upload this brush I made from a tutorial for fun. I love using it, it works great, so I thought I'd share! ^_^ Comment and tell me what you think.
It could also be used for smoke or ink blotches. :3

EDIT: this is NOT one of those patterned brushes that will give you the same, cookie-cutter result each time. This is the modification of an existing photoshop brush (one of the basic soft round ones) that gives you a cloud-like shape in a different shape each time you click it.


The tutorial can be found here: [link]

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Cloud brush sunset test: [link]
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thank you thank you thank you <3
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used your stock in…
Any Problem let me know

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very nice! I'm working on a family portret right now and I think this might be very helpful for the background :) allthough i'm not sure i'll use the clouds as clouds per se :p lovely brush, thanks for sharing! ^^
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This is crazy! ...thanks for sharing it with us...
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OMG! your a lifesaver I have been looking for something like this for over a month 4 my class thank you so much. :D :thumbsup:
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And thank you once more, used this brush here: [link]
Visit my profile thanks =D
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Hi !

I have use your brush here >

Thanks !!!!
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Thank you for the brush, used it here: [link]
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this brush is realy useful! thanx a lot!
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your brush is awesome =)

i used it here [link]
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I loved this <3 used it here:[link]
thank you.
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Awesome brush! I used it here [link]
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I used your brush here [link]
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Best cloud brush ever. Many thanks!
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you're very welcome! :D
i had these a while ago when i used PS 7.0, and ive been looking for these forever! hate myself for not faving.. did it now! :

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This is the best cloud brush I've found on DA. Thank you for making it!=D
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:D No problemn, glad you like it.
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