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How many raptors does it take to pull a jeep?

Well it seems they have figured it out!
A contest entry for Primal Carnage: Extinction.

Marcus is a little concerned about their joyride and Moira is throwing coal at any dino she sees. Joseph is probably trying to signal a helicopter. Angus is being himself while keeping the raptors running, and Jackson is just enjoying the ride. We may only wonder what the raptors think. Or any dinosaur nearby.
Oh, the jeep's roof was ripped off by a Rex.

Paint Tool SAI, 10+ hours.
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Your work gave me a good laugh for sure. Great idea haha, and great drawing.
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Hey Viper! Good to hear, and thank you! Thanks for the comment too.
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grats on getting 2nd place!!  
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Thanks! I actually wanted the 2nd place the most, as I don't need the coupon all that much. :D
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lol that was my logic too. XD  Very happy for you ^^
aww yee look at that tire
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Control your Nuggets!
let me think... ummmmmm. no.
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very nice!  I love the whole idea!  I love these contests, becuase they bring out so much awesome from the community!  I wish you luck in winning as well! ^^
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Thank you! Good luck to you too and thanks for the comment!
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Marcus and Joseph look so done with their shit, I love it. xD
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Haha, yep! Thanks for the comment!
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