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The Valley Of Gaia by Shue13 The Valley Of Gaia :iconshue13:Shue13 1,109 132 The Flaming Hole by Shue13 The Flaming Hole :iconshue13:Shue13 243 54 Mother Earth by Shue13 Mother Earth :iconshue13:Shue13 1,451 161 Snow Tempest In The Alien Sahara by Shue13 Snow Tempest In The Alien Sahara :iconshue13:Shue13 587 51 Revenge Of The Sand by Shue13 Revenge Of The Sand :iconshue13:Shue13 719 128 Blind Silencia by Shue13 Blind Silencia :iconshue13:Shue13 302 43 The Haunted Station by Shue13 The Haunted Station :iconshue13:Shue13 1,958 353 The Terminal by Shue13 The Terminal :iconshue13:Shue13 1,582 295 14th of July by Shue13 14th of July :iconshue13:Shue13 189 58 Fracture by Shue13 Fracture :iconshue13:Shue13 396 115 Asteroids River by Shue13 Asteroids River :iconshue13:Shue13 412 86 Organic Lights by Shue13 Organic Lights :iconshue13:Shue13 2,002 345 The Awakening Of Apocalypse by Shue13 The Awakening Of Apocalypse :iconshue13:Shue13 1,034 250 A postcard from my realm by Shue13 A postcard from my realm :iconshue13:Shue13 634 100 Sailing over the beams by Shue13 Sailing over the beams :iconshue13:Shue13 1,483 237 Delluzzo by Shue13 Delluzzo :iconshue13:Shue13 445 114