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Welcome To Karrora City

This is a concept art project I have made for a Swedish Studio called Stockholm Syndrome Film.
The scene was to depict a sci-fi environment city  quite Blade Runner inspired in terms of lighting, mood and design.

The film has been put on hold for now but hopefully it would start again.

Visit them at:…

From 3D modelling to final artwork, Shue-Digital

Visit me at:
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The lighting is perfect for the atmosphere you are trying to go for and it is really obvious that Blade Runner played a huge part into this for your inspiration. Shading looks good and nothing overlaps each other at all. The only things I would say that could improve is, we can see a little man on the ground but not close enough to really see him. Is there a particular point to his existence in this picture? also it seems a little dark on the edges closest to us while the majority of light is focused on the center city unless the point is to go for that in which case, ignore that last part.

Overall I say 9/10 it's brilliant <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Thanks for the crit man!! Really appreciated!!! indeed the main focal is not the guy but the centre of the piece. The guy is just to give an idea of size and a bit of mystery to it. Why the hell is he there, what is it about to discover??? And so on!!! You can see the process here mate:…
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I love the use of colorful lights in this scene. It looks so vibrant and really draws the viewer in.
Fantastic aesthetic.
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Looks simply FANTSTIC!!!!! Clap +fav 
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blade runner was indeed what came to my mind. God damn this brings good vibes
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Thanks a lot!!
I'm not a professional but here is what I feel about it.

Overall is spectacular but for some reason depth of the whole scene is a bit too shallow. It could be because the light that has slightly the same brightness.

Another thing to point out is at the end of the street. It looks like there has to be something that influences the whole scene because our hero (guy stands in the mid of the street) seems to going after something.
But the street leads to a left part of the building instead of front door. It seems too mainstream but if it doesn't lead to something specific, it would rather lead to no where so it makes his journey has to long way to go.

One last thing, the front building is a bit too dark to figure out what is what. It blends together and the light pop out of no where.

Don't get me wrong the rest looks perfectly fine. The mood, the colors and the design look so satisfy. Especially the light design, apart of what I've said about it the light is light up the whole scene which is great. What I've said is personal taste not an expert comment. However, I'm sure that you have reasons to make it looks this way. But I just want to leave my comment. Cyberpunk elements can be added to make it more dramatic but it doesn't have to. Like people and some chaos activities on the background.

By the way, it's already great scene. Keep up great work man.
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Salut ! Ton travail est en feature dans le journal de mon groupe DesignYourDreams :) (Smile) : Member Feature #6
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Merci Céline, Ca fait plaisir !!
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Absolutely superb artwork :)
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Reminds me of Blade Runner and that's a good thing! :clap:
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Thanks Dan, this is totaly the spirit indeed!
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Perfect lighting, wonderful ! :D
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