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This is a matte painting from a traditional beach sight with a cool sun down I shot last summer and an obvious central focal point with quite symmetrical lines, which I really liked to turn it into something sci-fi but keeping the actual boats to make them comtemporary compared to the futuristic buildings. No spaceship this time, I really focused on the buildings.

It is quite Dylan cole inspired even if I dont have his talent but I learnt a lot from him and his 2D techniques for matte. Very few 3D here, just the arches for basic shapes. All the rest is painting.

Original plate is my own stock and textures as well or bought on Asile FX which I recommand a lot: [link]

Hope you like it. Have a look at the Walkthrough of this piece here:
Thanks for faving and comments always welcomed.
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This is a lovely piece and invokes multiple feelings all at once. Despite the futuristic SF flare, it remains very common place with the boats and the natural sunset in the distance. The colors are rich and warm. Typically when I think of futuristic stuff, especially with designs as industrial as this, I think darkness, gloom, something with dystopian undertones, but not so here. The sunset, the water, the clean practical symmetry gives this piece a hope.
As a writer I tend to see pictures as (often unintended) jumping off points for stories. That is how I know, at least for me, that the picture was moving, and that the art has served its purpose as inspiration and storyteller. This picture does that.
The shapes in this piece are also original. In futuristic pieces, the pictures are often angular, with lots of long straight lines. The fact that so much in this picture is rounded off makes for something quite original and somehow wholesome. It also lends to the sense that the structures are part of the nature, that all of it blends together.
I really like this picture a lot.