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Terminal 13

By Shue13
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This is another version of my previous 'The Terminal' artwork but this time in 3D and much more developed.

This is also my humble entry to Ballistic Exposé 10. Btw you can join me on CGsociety and CGtalk @ [link] , I would be glad to have you in my network over there too...

This is another terrain I designed with Vue 9, spaceships modelled with 3DSmax, and all postwork done in Photoshop CS3 to make everything more lively, realistic and full of details.

No hidden Jedi this time guys, dont waste your time ah ah but quite a lot of little things, lights and stuff here and there.

I had lots of fun doing it and should pass onto something different next time!!

Thx for faving and commenting this piece.
Your support means a lot to me.

:horns: to all my metal buddies!!!
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First critique... No pressure then. Well, you really catch this amazing scope of what the universe could be like in hundreds of thousands of years, and the colours of gray and blue tie into one-another really well, and make the red striking. I really have never seen sci-fi like this ever before in media (And I've watched/played a lot of sci-fi, stemming from a love of Ratchet and Clank/Firefly), and I just keep thinking, if I ever get a job on a sci-fi show or a game that requires some concept art, I've just found the person I'd ask first to do the initial art.

Bravo man, full marks from me.
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Wow what can I reply to this but a massive Thank you !!!! :headbang:
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Many artists have used various forms of art to capture a glimpse of the final frontier and all the possibilities within it. I found that this picture takes an idea of a station orbiting a planet with starships flying in and out of it and expresses it in the artist's unique artistic way.

This piece is very realistic to the point where it is hard to believe that is really began as a figment in your imagination, as opposed to ab actual space station orbiting a distant planet. The use of the light in the centre does an excellent job of illuminating the planet while leaving the space stations in the shadows enhances and contrasts both locations.

Overall, it is a beautiful piece. I hope you make more in the future.
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Thank you so much for the awesome crits, that's really cool!!
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I just like it.
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MOst welcome
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That's awesome!!!!
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This reminds me of the Borg but with more detail. Very cool.
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real big as image and idea. Stunning in its composition of lights and darkness, and in the division between "natural" (the planet) and "artificial" (the space complex), anyway congrats for the really well done work.
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Thanks a lot!! Glad you like it!!
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I could really learn a lot from real Artists like you! Hope to have in future some useful hint and advice about what is good and what is wrong when it's to create something that could be judged as "artistic" (in my case). I lok forward to it.. in the meantime could you so kind to take a look to my humble works, just to tell me if i've started with the right foot or not..
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super picture, great work:) (Smile)
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I absolutely love the right part fo the picture as the colossus is just overwhelming, though the left part lacks the proper lighting (mainly on atmosphere of the left planet). Apart of that, fantastic! :)
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Very awesome job on this! Love how those spaceships fly down towards the planets! =D
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Thanks a lot!!
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How did you achieve this sort of massive surface? I mean this wall looking structure or construction. The detail and shape is heavy and numerous, very cool and sexy.
Please don't tell me exactly what to do, but only clues. As a young people I must figure it out by myself, by practicing and do research.

Do you use any of specific way to do that? Or you just place every little detail one by one?
I think this must be some sort of "detail block" used in this scene, so you can place it and overlay it over and over to reach this kind of sci-fi feeling, or is this some type of alpha or brush can do this kind of detail sculpt?
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