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Surviving Industry Greediness

Personal digital matte painting work around industrial concept. 
With the COP21 event it's quite in adequation with the news and ecology.
Hope you like it!!
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What is striking is the overall dichotomy that can be seen in the whole picture. To prove my point and try to make it simple, I'll go from center to the borders.
First of all, and most obvious : the round building. In my mind, it is hard not to think that it has an eye-like purpose, reminding of Big Brother and stuff, especially since it's directed towards the only living being to be seen. Moreover, the circle at its center seems to look like an eye, and this fact added, to its size, makes it look like a giant eye monitoring everything and looking at the figure at the bottom left corner.
The balloons around the eye-like building remind me of HG Wells' War of the Worlds in a way, maybe because of the tentacles. But in a more contemporary way, it also reminds me of the Loon for All google project (a project that aims at providing a global network of high-altitude balloons to connect people in rural and remote areas who have no Internet access at all). And the rings around the eye- building are reminiscent of either the rings of Saturn or -and in either cases- a more sci-fi look.
Bottom line, all of that stuff can give a sci-fi look which is both futuristic and outdated. A feeling that is reinforced by the fact that the landscape, the set, all around doesn't not totally fit this feeling: the nature that can be distinguished screams of a rural area whereas the factory-looking building on the left and the huge pipes at the bottom seem to indicate a more industrial setting. Either ways, it reinforces the feeling of alien-looking building, hence the sci-fi impression.

Then there's the mountain range at the back: in my mind, it can be seen in two ways: is it here to show how enclosed this world is? But it's distant -that we can say thanks to a good use of sfumato- so does it say that the past world was way too enclosed in its greediness? or does it show that we are now prisoners of the fallout of that very world?
Or in another way, it could just show that this distant sign of nature is slowly coming back, slowly recuperating its own place?

I know that I should mention the colours at some point: to be honest, those are the only thing in which I find no ambivalence at all. Not being a colour expert myself, there's not much I could say actually. Apart from the fact that it clearly suits the mood, a mood of bleak decay and disapointment.

Which, I think leads us to the figure: because even if it is not shown clearly, it is very expressive nonetheless. I think -once again this is just my opinion- I think it carries a lot of emotions, including disappointment, when facing this round building. As if he/she was thinking "that again?!" But it is totally open to interpretations, and as I said, it is merely my opinion, so she/ he could totally be thinking something in the line of "let's take it down, one more to go". The fact that he's carrying a weapon doesn't help either, because in a first reading, we could totally interpret it as a trope for fight. But one can't help but notice that the weapon is being carried down, as if he/she was lowering the arms/ laying down arms. Besides, what can this gun do to such a huge thing?
Moreover, I find it interesting to see that it is shown from behind: so in a way it's because it's literally facing the consequences of said greediness. The consequences embodied in this monstrous building. But once again, it think that it can be read in a second way that is, this figure can't even face us because of the aftermath, because it's barely walking in a world which not fit for human beings anymore.
Talking of human beings, the only other living being that can be seen are the birds: but once again, it is hard to make out if they are coming to this place or leaving it? Either ways, they are flying: which shows that the only thing worth living in this world is merely hovering over it, passing by it. What is left of humanity is left wandering (and wondering?) in it. In a way, it shows that to survive this, you have to transcend it.

So to conclude, I'd simply say that this general ambivalence leaves us free to decide what message is being carried.
Or if we want to bear with the ambivalence up to the end, we could argue that it lets us trapped within our choices and indecision! haha why not? Anyway, this feature is quite interesting to see that because it forces us to consider how smart this work is: fully detailed in a way, but not too much in order to let us free to imagine what suits us best.
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Great / Beautiful !!
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Stunning. Very creative. Colors, textures, lighting - all superb. And the feeling of an unstoppable menace.
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thanks a lot!!
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Ah! What wonderful ideas this has spurned. I've Favorited this long ago, and yet only now have I appreciated it!

Order of Xephatitanous Ideas: Curvy architecture related to the arches around the globe. A fragile yet strong creation made of an unobtainum named Chorochite, with only strong properties in space and with gravity pushing on both sides of it. Chorochite shall be made of Copper and some other unobtainum. Another reason for the Copper Wars of the 14th Age.

General Mining ideas: For the mining operations on the gas giants, these balloons things seem optimal for harvesting gas that cause flotation like helium. Just suck it through the pipe and when the balloons are done... they just go float back to the main mining center. This solves the problem of finding ways to actually mine the gas giants and finally allows me to have a reason for people living on places like Jupiter.
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Looks very, for lack of a better made up word, neo-apocalypse
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What's neo-apocalypse?
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yep indeed! thx
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excellent work
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thanks a lot!!
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You`re welcome :)
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Beautiful piece.
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Spectacular ,very well done ! :star:
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thanks a lot!!
awesome man . . . i would really like a tutorial on this
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thanks!! Unfortunately too long to do!!
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amazing, great work !
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excellent work but to obvious. the critique nailed it.
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