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Space Docker


Final Artwork I have started live on Adobe's Livestream last June 20, 2017. Day 1 out of 3 

You can check out the livestream here:

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I've seen several works like this before, but the way you designed yours is simply beautiful. The atmosphere is calming, yet spectacular, and all details are well placed. Overall, this scene looks like something I would see in a Star Wars or Star Trek sorta thing; it sticks out in such a manner that it seems to pull you in. I can almost imagine myself riding my spacecraft to this floating city over the Earth and staying there for a few days so I can gather everything I need for my trip to the moon... or Mars, or Venus, or perhaps even Jupiter. The scene is realistic, yet very astounding and, well, "out of this world". Keep up the good work!
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can I use some of your backgrounds in a movie I'm making with friends? I'd link it back to you and all.
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your art is amazing!!!!!
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yo can I use this in a movie me and some friends are making ?
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No you can’t sorry it’s copyrighted artwork
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Very different atmosphere. Natural is the right word. It feels natural. It reminds me of Dead Space, actually.
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thank you, really appreciated!
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