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December 20, 2010
I get a sense that this is Space on a river or a view inside the 'body' of the Universe.

Organic Lights by *Shue13
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Organic Lights

A new space art of mine, I had lots of fun doing this one! Especially with the whole texture. It was at first a blue monochrome artwork but trying some stuff and found the sort of lava thing at the very bottom which made me change everything. I changed my type of planets and stuff so I tried new angles on this one and found the effect pretty cool!
Hope you guys will enjoy it!
Comments and favs always welcome!
All done in Photoshop CS3
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© 2010 - 2021 Shue13
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Oh, wow! This piece is without a doubt now at the top of my list of favorite “space” digital art that I have seen on dA. The colors of the rainbow at the top are really cool and I love how it goes into the ball of light. I also like the whole spot light type thing going on as well. Those planets are amazing, especially the one in the bottom right hand corner. I want to reach in and touch it! The more I look at this piece, the more I find myself just wanting to dive into Organic Lights and just hang out for a while.
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it reminds me of a bottom of a lake which as two spheres and a little kid above the water with a flashlight with shinny stuff, the galaxy I love when it says something else than what it represents. Its really nice work
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I'm in awe of such beauty Love 
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Thank you!!!
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Comment? I'd love to know if I could use one of these for a e-book cover. They fit alot what I am planning.
Of course - there wil be a fee

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Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. Please get in touch via my email if still interested.
Hi Shue, ok thanks alot!

just please have a look on my fb page named DAVE LOGAN ( you'll find covers named "GLI DEI ALLA FINE".
What I am looking forward for this one are images of planets that seem to have a will of their own and I think your way of creating "alien-cosmology", with alien-physics' laws too, it's intriguing.

kind regards
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Hi Dave, the link does not work and there are many Dave Logan profiles lol! Please contact me by email it would be more convenient!!!
ehm, sure, sorry let's try direct link you know…
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ok, thanks I've just seen it. i noticed btw you put the artwork i did for a magazine that is owned by them. But anyway yes organic Light artwork would work nice indeed. I'll give you my fee in a PM.
then I will remove it! thanks for noticing.

but plz keep me informed on fee for:

-using on fb
-using on cover

image(s) will be removed from my fb pages in just a minute, please be so kind to warn me if I'll accidentally will still be showing any of your copyrighted/owned material - I love your work, I don't intend to use it if not allowed to or if I am not able to pay for

kind regards
Dave Logan
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