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Hey guys !

I've submitted one of my photos (see below) to InterfaceLift to be available on their site as a high resolution wallpaper. Now it's in "The Loupe", where wallpapers are evaluated by the community. You can vote here… (click on "cast your vote"), it'll help me ! Thank you for your support !

Bells In The Wind by Shteuf
Three months ago, while I was walking through the streets of Rennes, France I took pictures of cops arresting some people in the street. Unfortunately, another group of policemen came by and asked me to erase all the photos concerning cops on my camera's memory card. The photos were really good. One of them threatened me of police custody, or even breaking my camera if I didn't cooperate… Where's freedom they're supposed to guarantee ?

One month later, when I was at the other side of the country, I've almost been attacked in the street, and when I called the cops, guess what… no way to get some patrol coming around and help me ! I could've died three times if I didn't run for it.

So now I'm saying, I hate these goddamn cops, may they burn in hell for eternity, those fucking bastards are just fascits and useless for good people. I know some of them are not that way, but hell, FUCK YA ALL, COPS, FUCK YA ALL !

Look what they're doing in Greece now… shame on the bastards !…
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Hey there !

Just a little entry to introduce you a very good friend of mine… Go check her page if you have some time, and don't forget to fave ;) She's absolutely lovely, a little bit in love with herself though :p But as I really like her, here's the fellas !
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Now High Tech Rave-Up for iPhone… has got more than 20,000 views and more than 10,000 downloads. For this, I want to thank you, all people at deviantART who contributed to this, and who still support my work so much ! Thanks, thanks, and thanks again !!

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For those who want a better future, for those who want to get rid of false values like politics, money and military, for those who are interested in social evolution, I strongly advise you to get some info from the Venus Project. Jacque Fresco, an inventor, social designer and kind of scientist to make it short, invents and creates many projects since the 20s, such as intelligent housing, low energy consumption transportation, and even entire cities based on a viable and proper way to live. The Venus Project has started in the 70s near Venus Florida, and is now ought to be known worldwide.

Their website :
Their deviantART :…

Jacque Fresco is also a social designer, he always wants to get the human potential as high as he could through his inventions. The idea is simple but very effective : redesigning the way we build in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to high technology and changing our entire politics so it fits with our needs and not with the elite's established interests, i.e. no more monetary system, no more military, no more old stuff like that, only a resource-based economy.

He's not dreamer, he's a futurist, and he also thinks about how we get from here to there, and his works are transitional. I beg you to take a look on his projects, this is the best future we can dream of ! At least you would be aware of it, and this is all what matters. Please pass this link to the maximum people you can, this is very important.

To get further information, you can watch "Future by Design" which explains his visions of the future, or Zeitgeist Addendum, part III, and many others that you can check out from here :…

Here are some previews of his projects :

Circular City II by thevenusproject Maglev by thevenusproject Bridge Apartments by thevenusproject Home III by thevenusproject
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Hi everyone !

I'm going to New York for the first time on February 17th. I'm going with my father as a tourist, and we scheduled our week between Manhattan villages, the museums, Harlem and Brooklyn. However, if some of you already went or live in NY, I'd be curious to read your suggestions about where to go, what to see, things that retained your attention, not necessarily highly touristic places, but anything you found cool and worth visiting.

Thanks for your advices, feel free to comment !
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Please watch these :……

...thanks for the views ;) This is my best friend's cat ^^ the most beautiful in the world !
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It's my birthday today. I'm 21 now.

And there's something I want you to considerate something. At 21st december, the sun goes up again, three days after Christmas equinox. This is when the sun represents hope and personalizes a mythologic character. Be advised that Jesus Christ was one of the divinities that were supposed to born on 24th December. One of many many. Religion is a myth and you got to be aware that every belief is based on an astrologic report, i.e. on Nature...

As for christmas, remember that nobody's gonna decide your faith, and that you'll have to assume : make Earth a little less violent, a little less cupid, a little less unfair. And believe YOU and only YOU will can change things, do not leave your conscience to politics, and change the world, your world only by yourself.

Keep expressing yourselves, your thoughts are precious ! See you around, and have a happy new year ! ;)
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Hey everyone !

gepalex here on dA just opened a chat where we welcome every MacThemes members. No forums limitations, as it is a chat. Please join !!…

See you all soon ;)