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Current Residence: Massachusetts
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: caricature
Operating System: Macintosh
Wallpaper of choice: Usually one I've made myself. Change it a lot...

Favourite Movies
Star Wars, LOTR, Back to the Future...
Favourite TV Shows
Stargate SG1, Quantum Leap
Favourite Writers
I love Asimov, Tolkien, CJ Cherryh...
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
Computer for *everything*... writing and drawing
Other Interests
Science Fiction, mostly


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Some crazy squirrel went and ate the pumpkin I spent a couple hours creating just hours after I put it outside! Okay, I know they need food at this time of the year to keep themselves with reserves as the days and nights get colder. But couldn't they at least recognize a carved pumpkin as a work of art and sacrosanct until after Halloween? Yeah, I know. They're dumb animals and I just had bad luck. But still... Bad squirrel! At least I still have pics which I got my stepfather to take, and I uploaded here. Ah, well. Squirrel happens.
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Hey, folks. I know I'm still not hanging out here a lot - sorry about that. I've been doodling on paper instead of my computer, and not scanning stuff in, for the most part. I like pen and paper, though - doodling with a pen forces you to know exactly what you want to do the first time and be decisive. What would you like to see me draw, though? I can do some more Doctor Who work - if you hadn't noticed, I'm still slowly working on painting in that sketch and I have a WIP of that in my scrapbook. I've been newly introduced to Battlestar Galactica (thank you to my lovely cousin who was visiting, who isn't afraid to geek out with me and show
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Tabula Rasa?

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Wow, it's been... over a year since I did anything here. I've still been scribbling, though. And trying to write. And lost a lot of weight. And got back into ice skating. And... well, I think I'll need to make a new Deviant ID, yeesh, it's looking dated. Time to clean out the cobwebs. If you're still watching, well, thanks. Hi. Sorry I left. I've still been commenting occasionally. Ooh boy.
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oh and thanks for the fave.
I saw some art in your gallery that suggested that you like Ender's Game (and possible other ender series). Well, I just wanted to ask if you knew that there was an Ender's Series DA group? There is. [link]
You should really check it out. Connect with some other fans of the series. Draw some more awesome art and have fans who actually like the series look at it and appreciate it. ^_^
Or something. Sorry. I'm feeling random.
Oh yeah - it was one of the first series (along with Isaac Asimov's Foundation series) that really got me into science fiction when I was a preteen :D Haven't thought about it for a while though - you're right, I do an Ender's Game sketch or two in my gallery, but it's pretty old and kinda weirded me out remembering it! Thanks for the link to the DA group, though, and the suggestion - I should try to do some Ender's Game art. Space scenes and stark hallways contrasted with emotional kids should be fun and give me a chance to work on composition and coloring - I should definitely be able to do it better this time :D

No problem about the randomness, always nice to talk about art/sci-fi/etc!
Heh, oddly enough. It never actually succeeded in getting me into other sci-fi books. Most of it just goes way to much over the head. You should re-read the book/series at some point. I'm doing that right now and loving it.
And it is fun to just re-draw your old stuff. It just makes you go "woah, I'm so awesome now!!" or something. ^-^

Thanks for not being angry. I've actually been yelled at.. T-T of course she was already in both groups but still, I was only trying to be helpful!
Thanks for the watch! C:
thank you for the watch!