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This is a group for people fascinated by the idea people of vastly different sizes interacting. There are many other groups that center on this theme, but each have slight derivations. As the name suggests, this group focuses on females in a world out of scale, or simply females interacting with people of larger sizes.

If you would like to submit to the gallery:

:bulletred: Keep it clean-ish. Nudity is okay as long as it is tasteful and is tagged as mature. Fetishes such as torture, crushing, foot fetish, hard/fatal vore, expansion, sudden weight gain, diapers, and extreme humiliation will be declined. Anything involving minors in sensual situations will also be declined.

:bulletred: Please don't submit your entire gallery in one go. We want to see your best work, not all of it.

:bulletred: For visual art, if the SW is alone there must be some indication of her size in the image.

:bulletred: There is some quality control. This doesn't mean you have to be the best in your craft. It just means that what you submit should look like effort was put into it. Things on lined/graph paper might be declined.

:bulletred: Tekteks and other things made with bases or dollmakers will be declined.

:bulletred: Feel free to suggest others' deviations to the group gallery.

Chat room:…



Gallery Folders

Rainy Afternoon by chesya
Sandra, a commission created By Aluvian Art by Jacobite1
Aftermath by TerritorialRain
Let me in by Picolo-kun
M f
Seligheit by chesya

Mature Content

Harry Shrinks Hermione by chesya
Allure by Imperial-Radiance
On Route 15 by ViviWantsToBattle
M f
F f
Alice sees herself as a borrower version 2 by chesya
Three Wonderful Inches by shrink-fan-comics
YCH Commission - (Ritsuko and Misato) by UkyoDragoon
Rosie by Titan-Men
F f
Fairies Sprites Pixies
Under My Thumb by Shimeri
friendly? by AnxietyCase
Commission: Don't Get Daisy Angry by TeaQuill
Hand interaction
Mine! by zboczony
Another Poster or a Cover by sammigruber
Original Palm of a giant by sammigruber
Kenny And Karma by RainbowFay
Tiny ladies
Dabbling in the Rock Pool by Shardro

Mature Content

Undertoe 2 by macromega
GT Tea Time by RainbowFay
Whats this? by Angelicangel69

Mature Content

Shrunken and Trapped On Her Work Desk by shrink-fan-comics
Dragon Treasure Page 6 by Dracos123

Mature Content

GTS YCH (Rasha Sera) by UkyoDragoon
[Commission] Rasha + Sera by UkyoDragoon
Mixed groups
Lakeside Party -gift- by Titan-Men
Smooches and Grumps by GTPanda
Bigger Better Clones 2 - Cover by mvitacca
We're SizeCon-bound! by brainwashedMZ
2019 FANART CONTEST by Obsess-Confess
NEW BOOK COMING OCTOBER 2019 by Obsess-Confess

Mature Content

Shrunk From Behind by Johnnyscribe
vol. 98 handheld by mathiasdrawings








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I'm writing a story that's a continuance of an SW story from Davren57. He did (but did not complete) Lauren's Living Dolls, so I'm writing my follow-up titled 'Jessica's Nemesis'.  Several chapters are already completed and are up on my page.  
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Reply whenever. Take your time :)
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