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Talent vs Hard Work
I rarely make serious posts, a friend of mine just shared some really good advice with me and I figured I'd share it with you all. Probably going to butcher it but here goes: You can't expect to get very far living off talent alone. Even if you're good at something, you still need to put the time and effort in to make sure you nurture that skill and improve yourself. If you have a talent and people come to you like "WOW you're so good!!!" it gives off a feeling of "yeah, I'm good, why would I need to practice, I'm already good." and makes the very thought of practicing even sound ridiculous since you could swear you don't need it.
Now, this is something I'll openly admit I am G U I L T Y of. I guess I should start off by saying....I come from a very, er... "passive" upbringing. I never had the importance of hard work and discipline  engraved into me whatsoever. I spent most of my childhood just doing exactly what was expected of me and never going that extra step to work hard or r
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*chugs a health potion*

It ain't the world without all the screaming shouts, as I come around, as we're falling down.

Life philosophy: Life is like a cookie, eat it to fast, you've wasted something good.
Due to the recent death of my DA muro and a bug that prevents me from making drawing progress I probably won't be uploading as often anymore, or, at least art, anymore. 
RIP DA muro 2013-2018 
However due to this I have gotten back into traditional art and I am currently looking for new programs! So I will post a drawing to signify that I will be uploading art again once I have a suitable program. (or the muro gets fixes)

I am currently looking into: Krita, and Medibang. (I'm thinking Krita)
As well I am now looking into tablets for the first time! I'm new to all this stuff soooo, don't expect much. I am open for suggestions and advice, I'd love to get to drawing digitally again as fast as possible! ^^

Now onto the other bit of news.

Back during 2014-2017 I would write stories and lore, now I haven't written much in 2018 as I really got into art this year. But I have been making stories and short versions of them off on the side and now that they're more developed and ready for proper versions I will be getting to work on those and uploading them as I finish them to make up for the lack of art! 

Current stories in work.
Azure Flames: A WoF fan-fiction I've been trying my absolute best to make good for the past two years. XD
I don't typically write fan-fiction as I prefer to make original worlds and stories, how ever this is a mainly original story based in the WoF universe with many references made to the original book series. So expect huge spoils from it. I have no exact release date for this writing as there's plenty of work needing to be done but eh.

Ronji and Mineral: A story made specifically for two of my adopted characters, Ronji and Mineral. 
This one is more readily available all I need to do is go through chapter one and fix my year old mistakes, do some revising, and then release it. I uploaded the first chapter in the past a long time ago but it does need more work than from then.

Miralicsons-market: A newer-old story I had planned for years but on making but only recently have truly gotten into it. It's shorter than my other stories and only have a few definite scenes, a lot of work still needs to go into it. 

Royals of War: I may or may not upload this one but it was a lot of fun to think of. It's mainly a personal commentary/perspective on war disguised as a semi-action story. It's relatively short, maybe consisting of five to six chapters. Shouldn't be hard to finish but I'm not currently focused much on it.

The pantheon: Another of my newer stories, this was slightly inspired by the BEGINNING of the Banner Saga the first game. (good game)
Not much for me to say about this one. It should take a while to finish as my main priorities are currently Ronji and Mineral and The store.
Just know deities don't get many breaks and poor bird. :c

Wackian and Wack universe lore: I could go on for a long time writing this down so don't expect it to come out all at once. I'll also probably write it in a different manner to everything else seeing as it's not really a story but more of a history lesson.

Wyvern writing: I might just bring this back from the old days because it was so much fun. We'll see, but I did miss doing Wyvern writing.

And now for comics, which I will be writing scripts and scenes for on the side till I can work on digital art again.

The Cream Team: My MAIN comic, I've already worked out the course of the story and and the ending. The characters are developed and it's as vent-art-y as it can currently get. :I
How ever I have run into some problems on if I can actually upload The Cream Team simply because of the deeper personal themes expressed in it and the no F's given style of the story. So it's possible I'll end up keeping the finished product to myself. We'll see.

Battlers: The complete OPPOSITE of The Cream Team. Battlers is almost endless and so it's really just a matter of starting it. XD
This is my longest running project but it's no longer my main one. Battlers has been around since I first joined DA and even before that.
Over the years I've developed the world and characters a bunch and soon I'll be ready to actually start work on it.

Single hue blue: Newer comic idea for fun and mainly to test out ability making and character development. This test comic is for fun and mainly for me to stretch my creative thinking. This is where Tsi comes from. ^^
The story is mostly laid out, with a beginning and an end, middle bits art kind of scattered but mostly the comic is done in terms of script.

There is no definitive upload dates for any of my projects so they'll probably just show up as they do. It did feel nice to finally lay everything down though. :D

Also I'd like to point out how much I hate my first journal in a year is an update instead of one of the stories. c:

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day or night, take care. ^^

Totally also not working on gifts on the side, totally.


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