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Featured Spitfire Artwork

Gallery Folders

Rainbow Dash G5 SPACE MARES MOVIE (1990) by TheRETROart88
Wonderbolts always stay physical by kuren247
Pile-O-Ponies Draw This Again by Dreamscape195

Mature Content

Hail to the Dash Baby by MixDaPonies
Wonderbolt Spitfire
SpitfireCS by freeedon
Spitfire by XeniusFms
Spitfire Button_Updated by Tsitra360
SuperBolt by Tsitra360
Drill Sergeant Spitfire
Welcome to the Wonderbolts by Baron-Engel
[Character Card] Spitfire by Oxy-Diamond
Ready for Duty by LupiArts
Spitfire WAR FACE by MixDaPonies
Alternative Spitfire
Fasty Horse! by KamiThePony
Tribal Fire {AU!SpitFire} by ScarletsFeed
Super Mare-eo Sisters (Contest Entry) by LupiArts
Summer Flame by LupiArts
All-Natural Spitfire
Intense Wing Exercises by Ezzy-Artz
Wet Mane Spitfire by MixDaPonies
Lonely Night continues by LupiArts
Fire poni by Sevenada
Spitfire with Wonderbolts
First Real Impression by LupiArts
Sunglasses trio by Feuerwelle
Wonderbolts by Fullmoonrose7
Commission:  Well Done, Wonderbolts! by AleximusPrime
Spitfire with Non-Wonderbolts
:COMM: Wrestling Buddies by LupiArts
Fullbody Wing and Hoof Cast... by LupiArts
spitfire and featherweight Commission by SugarlessPaints
Shadow Wonders by Tsitra360
Spitfire and Soarin
Spity please don't go! by RozyFly10
Hey...old okay? by Fullmoonrose7
Flying with your idol by ThePegasusEffect
Soarin X Spitfire by RozyFly10
Spitfire and Dash
:COMM: Cheers for Wing Ups by LupiArts
Gym Meeting by LupiArts
:COMM: Beach Ball Blowing by LupiArts
Secret Longing by LupiArts
Spitfire Ships
Spitfire and Rainbow Shadow. by RainbowShadowMLP
Spitfire X Firestreak by VulpixGirlYT
Daring Do And The Chinatown Glide by Legoguy9875
:COMM/GIFT: Love Drunk by LupiArts
Spitfire Cosplay
(MLP) Wonderbolt Captain, Spitfire (Cosplay) by KrazyKari
Misc. Spitfire
Come On Eileen by Nightyscribbles
Stupid Sexy Spitfire - Saucy SFW
This is what you get! by TwoShoesMcGee
Stupid Sexy Spitfire - Naughty NSFW

Mature Content

After Training (Drawing practice) by LupiArts
SNN Contest 2016 Entries

Random from Featured

Skyfire by Coke-brother Skyfire :iconcoke-brother:Coke-brother 32 0 January - Spitfire by littlebuster-k2 January - Spitfire :iconlittlebuster-k2:littlebuster-k2 21 1 Spitfire and Spark by GeneralCustard7 Spitfire and Spark :icongeneralcustard7:GeneralCustard7 4 10 Spit Fire w/ Colours by Unicorn-Dashi Spit Fire w/ Colours :iconunicorn-dashi:Unicorn-Dashi 23 0 Spitfire: Trailblazer by Krazikidz Spitfire: Trailblazer :iconkrazikidz:Krazikidz 6 8 Cute Spitfire Meme. by SharpySaber Cute Spitfire Meme. :iconsharpysaber:SharpySaber 79 94 Captain of the Wonderbolts by Pajaga Captain of the Wonderbolts :iconpajaga:Pajaga 79 9 Try To Keep Up by Timmy-22222001
Mature content
Try To Keep Up :icontimmy-22222001:Timmy-22222001 98 48
Spitfire Butt by Acesential
Mature content
Spitfire Butt :iconacesential:Acesential 218 32
Kelly Metzger Autograph Pic by PixelKitties Kelly Metzger Autograph Pic :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 512 30 Sailor Spitfire by nauticaldog Sailor Spitfire :iconnauticaldog:nauticaldog 44 7 Morning, Spitfire by NavigatorAlligator Morning, Spitfire :iconnavigatoralligator:NavigatorAlligator 95 30 My Little Soul Eater- Death the Kidfire by SPARK-Theory My Little Soul Eater- Death the Kidfire :iconspark-theory:SPARK-Theory 6 0 Spitfire's Joy by Fyrecalla Spitfire's Joy :iconfyrecalla:Fyrecalla 42 8 Spitfire in a Spitfire by fongsaunder Spitfire in a Spitfire :iconfongsaunder:fongsaunder 313 48 Make them go AHH AHH AHHH by FrostbackCat Make them go AHH AHH AHHH :iconfrostbackcat:FrostbackCat 389 64


EAF utilities by totallynotabronyFIM
Wonderbolts by totallynotabronyFIM
Spitfire in the clouds by viwrastupr
Skyfire by Coke-brother
Honorable Mentions
Love is on Fire by ive-moved-bitches
Getting Serious? by ive-moved-bitches
MLP:fim - Pegasus Race by BrainSucks
No One but You by ive-moved-bitches
Wonderbolts Wallpaper 3: Spitfire by OokamiTheWolf1
Spitfire Pinup Commission by FluttershytheKind
Burn Burn Burn by Mesmoir

Mature Content

Itchy Planking Arm [Wallpaper] by CaptainHoers

Top Collected Artists!


Spitfire on a Cloud by wildberry-poptart
:pointr: Welcome to the ShrineOfSpitfire! :pointl:
:flame: A Fiery Temple of Aerodynamic Skill & Bodily Sexiness~ :flame:

:bulletorange: Joining is auto-approved! Just click the Join our Group button over on the left side of the page!

:bulletorange: Obviously, all artwork submissions must contain Spitfire!

:bulletorange: SFW & NSFW are accepted, but NSFW art may only be posted in the NSFW folder labeled 'Stupid Sexy Spitfire'.

:bulletorange: The featured folders of the gallery and favorites are staff-only, and cannot be submitted to.

:bulletorange: If you draw Spitfire artwork regularly, request to be a Temple Upkeeper, to auto-submit all your Spitfire artworks now and in the future, with no wait on the approval process!

:bulletorange: Group avatar artwork is (C) to zoidledoidle, and can be seen here!

Wonderbolt relay team by Vector-Brony
:empllama: Hotter than Magma, more Versatile than Lightning! :emplllama:

Spitfire is the current leader of the Wonderbolts, the most talented group of fliers in Equestria. Having been Rainbow Dash's idol and a focal point in her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt for all her known life, Spitfire has so far expressed a modest amount of praise and respect for Dash's abilities after having tested them in the Wonderbolt Academy as Dash's drill sergeant, and having faced humility towards them in Rainbow Falls upon making a series of ill-thought out decisions with Fleetfoot, regarding their teammate Soarin'.

Currently practicing for the highly-anticipated upcoming Equestria Games with her teammates, the Wonderbolt Team represents Cloudsdale, and will no doubt play an important part in the ending episodes of season four, as the Equestria Games draw to a close.

Mild-mannered and laid-back when off-duty, but capable of intimidating Wonderbolt trainees when in her drill sergeant uniform, Spitfire has demonstrated a broad scope to her personality since her debut in Sonic Rainboom and The Best Night Ever. While not always consistent, Spitfire maintains a fairly noticeable fanbase from her kick-ass color scheme, role as the Wonderbolt's Captain and thus an important figure in Rainbow Dash's life, and from her continued potential as a character.

Spitfire on a Cloud by NikkiKitty44
:damphyr: Folder Information & Guidelines :damphyr:

Featured - Staff-only. Artworks will be moved here from other folders or submitted directly at the staff's discretion.

Wonderbolt Spitfire - Spitfire wearing her official Wonderbolt uniform, or Wonderbolt outfit-inspired clothes (training uniforms count as well).

Drill Sergeant Spitfire - Spitfire wearing her drill sergeant outfit from Wonderbolts Academy.

Alternative Spitfire - Spitfire wearing any clothes that don't fit either of the initial two folders.

All-Natural Spitfire - Naked Spitfire ;p Not NSFW or suggestive, though! Minor things like goggles and glasses do not count as clothes, and may be included here given there are no other clothes.

Spitfire with Wonderbolts - Spitfire with other Wonderbolt characters (more than just Soarin).

Spitfire with Non-Wonderbolts - Spitfire with anypony else!

Spitfire and Soarin - Both shipping and non-shipping, included!

Spitfire and Dash - Both shipping and non-shipping, included!

Spitfire Ships - Spitfire being shipped with anypony that isn't Soarin or Dash.

Spitfire Cosplay - Real-world fans cosplaying as Spitfire, or Spitfire herself cosplaying as other characters!

Misc. Spitfire - Spitfire artworks that didn't fit any other folder very well. The 'everything else' folder.

Stupid Sexy Spitfire - Saucy SFW Spitfire being sexy by herself or with others, but isn't tagged as Mature Content.

Stupid Sexy Spitfire - Naughty NSFW Spitfire being sexy by herself or with others, and is tagged as Mature Content.

Featured - Staff-only. Artworks will be moved here from other folders or submitted directly at the staff's discretion.

Honorable Mentions - Staff-only. Contains artworks that couldn't become a part of the gallery for any multitude of reasons.

Wallpapers - Any and all Spitfire wallpapers may be added here for the benefit of our visitors and members!

Lead Pony

Wing Pony





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