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14 Free Manga Studio 5 Brushes

Consists of Cloud Blend, Cloud Blender, Cloud Detail, Cloud Layout, Cloudy Remake, Glitching, Glitching, Minecrafty, Minecrafty 2, Patchy 2, Real Eraser, the Snail Brush, Patchy Ribbon, and the Patchy Ribbon Dual. Released as a companion pack to the Texture Pack of 24 brushes on my Gumroad shop.

To download these brushes select the download button on the right of your screen. To install these brushes into your Manga Studio you can simply drag and drop them into your "Sub Tool" window or select your Sub Tool menu and select Import Sub Tool.
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Thanks for sharing ...

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Thank you so much for these wonderful brushes!

how to add in my clip studio account dude? i cant

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wow,thanks a lot, you really saved meh.

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Thank you for these, I just started using Clipart studio

I don't know how to download it

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There should be a button right below the image on the left that looks like an arrow pointing down. That should let you download it.

Do I need to open them or do I just import them right when I download them?

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You download them, extract the files, then drag and drop them into the program.

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The snail brush tho :D

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Thank you so much!!


Thank you very much

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gracias Artista!!!

These are cool! Thanks!

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Gonna try this ♥

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Thanks for sharing!!

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thank you for sharing, I will try it.

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Going to test thanks.

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When i try to download them, it just says:

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 20.43.09
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On the bottom left of the image there should be these icons. The last one with the arrow should be what you hit to download.

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