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By shrimpy99
Here's my somewhat colourful rendition of Prey, a new sci-fi game from Arkane studios. Inspired by 80's sci-fi.
I had a lot of fun playing around with this one.

Every fave/comment is appreciated.

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looks amazing but how can i view the full resolution picture?

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Incredible. Prey is such an underrated game

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So awesome!  Love it
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"Good morning, Morgan. Today is monday"

Awesome art *___*
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"I keep having this dream"
Wow this is so good!
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My husband has been playing Prey and really likes it. Sharing this with him!
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You are a real artist
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Looks awesome!
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This art just.... i want to sing.  

It keeps on creeping over me 
The more it gives, the less I am 
It keeps on screaming for release 
Yells with my voice, tears with my hands 

Replica by MOS
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big pink heart omg youre art is really beautiful!big pink heart 
     big pink heart the design is really good!big pink heart 
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80's? Prey looks like its straight out of the 60's. Heck, that's where the point of divergence happens in the game's timeline (JFK survives the attempt on his life and, as a result, pours more money into the space program, culminating in the huge Talos I space station where the game takes place).
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I thought it takes place in the year 2032... Wait it does take place in that time
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I meant the architecture of the game has a 1960s look. The game takes place in an alternate 2035-36. Talos I was completed in 2032.
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My mind screamed 80's after listening to the games soundtrack.
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you nailed it. awesome.
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Groovy sci-fi poster man! It's like a 80's aesthetic on Prey!!!
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I really like how ethereal it looks. All the elements really flow as a composition.
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Can I order this? This is my favorite fan made poster of this year (by far!)
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