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Yeah, like title says 
I may be less active right now, because I'm trying something new, new account I guess 
see if that's gonna work. 
Don't worry, I will be drawin all cmm, that i have to do too 
Maybe I'm gonna send all of them by notes to ppl. 

Hello, I just want to say thanks to all of my watchers, say thanks to you for being with me, while I'm dealing with so tough moments and I'm just not doing okay
As you can probably see, I'm not very active for a very long time, but that's because I just have a hard time with school, family and my friends. 
I want to be always honest with you, so I wanted to let you know why I'm that inactive... 

SPECIAL PART TO ONLY PEOPLE, WHO COMMISSIONED ME: All I wanted to say to people that also commissioned me, please don't worry about the commission, I will finish everything and try hard to do it as fast as possible 
I want you to only understand, that if you see me uploading someone's cmm, but not yours, don't get upset, that's because I have a lot of orders to finish. 
It's not like I don't want to finish your commission and because of that you are waiting longer. I just can't do all orders in one hour, when I have a lot of them, and everybody is waiting, so I have to be fair to everyone, not just only to one person, that got upset. By that I just want to say, that you seriously don't have to worry - I will finish everything. That means, I'm gonna finish your order too. (I had to add it to this journal, because one person just got pissed off, because I was finishing someone's orders first, but not their. like wtf ;w; ) 

This journal is about people - my watchers, that made me really thoughtful lately. I've never realised how lucky I am that I have you guys. I had so many situations at any time, when randomly some of my watchers just asked me, if I'm doing okay and if not, I can note them to talk about everything. I just never realised how some of you are really nice to other people and I just want to say: You deserve a good life for being that nice. 
So ya, I wanted to let everyone know, that I'm just not doing okay at the moment and because of that I have problems with being active on any social media, but I'm never gonna leave you and I will do my job, like I should. ;w;
Some of ppl really helped me lately and that just made my heart melting and thanks to them, because without them I wouldn't probably be still here 

Thanks to everyone, I just wanted to let you know what's going on with me right now and we are getting closer to 2,000 watchers, so I also wanted to thanks for that!! Without my watchers I wouldn't be here, thank you so much

I love you and I hope everyone of u are having a good day. :heart:

Taking offers on my character Saturn (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 9, 2018, 12:01 PM

Fighting with my artblock |2018 by shrimpv

I want to give her a better home 

Offers can be anything 
designs, money, points, art idk 

Just offer 

Do u have any characters for sale for points

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 8, 2018, 9:03 AM

I want to spend my points on something
Do u know any artists who have open cmm with points? Or do u have any characters for sale? 


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 16, 2017, 12:31 PM

I think ppl really like the idea of those tattoo projects, so I opened 6 slots for only 5 usd! :D (that's because they r so easy to make and I draw them pretty quickly, it's very relaxing) 

Comment to take a slot if you are interested in ordering!! 

SLOT 1 - taken by cozydevil (not finished)
SLOT 2 - taken by Hydrana (not finished)
SLOT 3 - taken by Saturated-Rose (not finished, waiting for the reference)

SLOT 4- taken by AZForever (not finished)

SLOT 5 - taken by G0THD0G (not finished)

SLOT 6- taken by CryogenicInsomniac (not finished) 

Oh, the normal price of the tattoo project is 12.50 usd, so I think it's worth it <3 

tattoo project #3 by shrimpv save ME by shrimpv take your pants off by shrimpv doesnt matter so by shrimpv

As you know... I never done something like that before 
But now I think I'm gonna try. 

I'm sorry for everyone, who doesn't want to be tagged, you can just ignore it!  

I've got a lot of artist that I really adore lately 
They have such a big talent and I can only dream to be as good as them 
My big dream in this year is to get an art from them 
No matter what kind of art. It can be smol, it can be big, it can be anthro or feral, it can be a design, headshot, even sketch. I just feel very happy when someone makes pieces of art for me ;v; One time even cried of happiness because of it... 
Not only that, those artist, which I mentioned below, gives me a will to exist still on this site. Just because I want to be great like them. And I know I'm never gonna be, but this is how life works now I guess  
I don't even deserve anything from them, but I'm gonna definitely repay for what I will get<3333 
I'm talkin about them: 
Ascce || Caffeyeen || eggkd || PocketSizedDemon || liontoys || fleekd || wolvves || seaservant  || DreamyDoggo || LOSTOWNS || umbrans || Detrah || ttoska || Soffbois || RUCIFUR || etherskies || ev-oo || RAT-VIBES || lonestrays || JVNGK00K || trik-s || guccidogg || Stvgma || mvse || altpnk  

I have only one character 
closed by shrimpv 
so that's why I don't mind if someone would do a smol sketchy design for me 
Also I have to say that I really like art with a really sad, emotional or truly happy and cute theme 
but I don't have requirements to be honest. 
So ya, this is it 
I definitely recommend u guys to watch those mentioned ppl and give them some support, they deserve it more than me 

Early Merry Christmas to everyone!! 
DreamyDoggo DreamyDoggo DreamyDoggo DreamyDoggo 

they have the most cute pixel icons, you should watch them!!!
Sgrh by shrimpv pls help :D
I'm getting too frustrated because of the activity of my watchers. I feel like my art is unnecessary more and more... 
And that's fucking stupid... I'm trying to get better, but now I feel like everything is useless. I'm getting more watchers, but for what?
My account and my job here is like a ghost, 'cause noone can see it, even if I'm trying "too hard". 

So ya
If that doesn't change, I will really get mad and quit
soon as possible 
and that's all I have to say. 

Maybe I sound like a fucking idiot
I shouldn't care about favs
But this is just 
annoying for me.
Really annoying.

sorry that I'm not uploading anything right now!! That's because I have a big art block and this is a last week I can get better at school if u know what I mean

also I can tell that I'm so excited because of the game I obtained 
I just fuckin love it??? My hands hurts like a lil bitches cause of playing but this is just fuckin amazing, I feel in love with 2B omg haha 
I want to make a cosplay of her soon 
well I guess
that's all I have to say now 
Have a good day!!
I just want to make it more clear for me!! 
ppl if u see this 
if under your order I added "deleted ref : (" pls contact me under this journal and give me an actual reference
and please DON'T delete it!! unless u want to sell your chara, then I don't mind, but pls then contact me again that u want to change character.

now cause I'm back, I will finish what I have to do and that's all, if something is wrong then tell me

actually i think some of them can be wrong, cause idk if I just finished it earlier or not cause of these deleted refs 

And and and they're not arranged! I'm picking them randomly when I have time to draw, so sorry, if someone may wait longer!!  

0 BALSYA - shaded fullbody -…
1 Gangstersss - Reference of  Smol Wild African Doggo Auction  Open  By D3usvult by Gangstersss
2 sharrk-bait - flat fullbody -   Harper Reference (sona) by sharrk-bait

3 pepvi - 2 flat fullbodies -

4 eurpup - 2 fullbodies with shading no bckg -  and…

5 Ms-Lecter - custom - details > cAvgagb


7 Iaid - flat fullbody -


9 Wa-loof - base 

10 THECOLDCITYGIRL - shaded fullbody with background -…

11 edgeboys - flat fullbody - (lol such a sweet boi) 

12 vveins - Reference sheet -…

13 WhiteWldow - Custom - details > form

14 G0THD0G - tattoo - Kian Ref 2k17 (With the theme being black raven's/ feathers and blood)

15 crystal-w1tch - tattoo -  W Text by crystal-w1tch

16 cozydevil - tattoo - (snakes, smoke, or skulls)

17 Hydrana - tattoo -…

18 @CryogenicInsomniac - tattoo -…

19 AZForever - tattoo -  Corpse //O.C. Ref// by AZForever

20 Saturated-Rose - tattoo -

21 DrunkenRoyalty - Fullbody with shading -  Aaron - Reference by DrunkenRoyalty 


23 Khaanz - tattoo -… (blue flowers framing, really big expression

24 coyotecrisis - unshaded fullbody -

25 Fallenlght - random thingy -… anyone from here

26 Xinnre - Custom - grgr

27 SimulacrumLupa - fullbody $17 -

28 SkyWolff - ych collab ! 

EDIT (and there it is, end of the list, cause I couldn't find anything more) 

Orders with deleted refs:

chinchillapop - shaded fullbody -…

stryxer - flat fullbody - Dar 

guys!! these are only from my journal with cmm prices  
if someone changed character or ordered an art in note and see this, contact me 
I can't get through my notes :c 

EDIT: I tried to update this now as much as I can, but it's hard to get through some comments and my notes, so if u see this and u can't see your order here, then hmu 

also hmu if u see your order but it's not updated by me 
one person changed the character like 12 times, confusing XDDDD
Just like title says 
I'll be totally inactive here for a long while. 
That's all what I need. (And maybe a new design with a pink ass gay hairstyle color, but that's all) 
<da:thumb id="629512097"/>

Yeah so
Bad shit happened
My computer don't wanna work any more
So that means
That i'm leaving dA
Bc i don't have money to buy a new one
And well i can't draw without a computer lol
So see ya
Idk when i'll back
<da:thumb id="622783346"/>
that person stealed some designs (from pinvvheel, petplays for example) 
please block/report him guys 
lOL shit happened to my commission journal and every examples just disappeared, sorry for that!!!

(btw I'm sorry guys If I'm updating this too much, but I'm adding a lot of things, so this commission price list could look much better!! Also a lot of ppl asking me about my commission, like they just can't go and check out my page and this just making me really pissed off, so by updating it ppl can probably notice my journal)  

Commission are CLOSED now. (I just want to finish some, don't want to have too much) 


- only doggos
- no refunds 
- no neon designs
- u can use my art wherever u want but pls credit me
- pls don't rush me
- i'm ok with gore 
- i don't usually do them but i can draw couple thingy, then it will be $5.50/550 :points: more

TATTOO THING - $22.50/2250 :points: OPEN  
save ME by shrimpvtake your pants off by shrimpvnice title by shrimpvtattoo project #3 by shrimpvdoesnt matter so by shrimpv

halfdead by shrimpv[CMM] run or fly no matter what u die by shrimpvfake by shrimpvay ay by shrimpvgood habits by shrimpvcomfortable pup by shrimpvI can pee like that by shrimpv

catching your will by shrimpvcant feel my eyes by shrimpvclosed by shrimpvflawless by shrimpvTobias by shrimpv

JUST A HEADSHOT - $21.50/2150 :points: OPEN  
are u mad by shrimpv

swallowing the dark by shrimpvbreeze by shrimpv no title by shrimpvnever forget the scars by shrimpv

SIMPLE RANDOM THINGY (so this is basically something totally just... well, random?? I'm doing here whatever I want. It can be 3/4, halfbody, headshot, bustshot, shaded, non-shaded, always with simple one colored background)- $22/2200 :points: CLOSED  
hold my back lol by shrimpvi wouldn't hold my breath if i was u by shrimpvbeaten queen by shrimpvhump me fuck me daddy better make me choke by shrimpvMake me drooling by shrimpv


gg by shrimpv

CUSTOM or REFERENCE SHEET - $40/4000 :points: OPEN  
cmm | pick your path by shrimpvFighting with my artblock |2018 by shrimpvclosed by shrimpvclosed by shrimpv

form for a custom

Any specific colors you prefer in your custom?:
Long hair ( girl hair) or boy hair?:
Floopy or normal ears?:
What do you like in a design?: 
what do you dislike in a design?: 
Any specific adds?: 
Want an added headshot, pawpads, mouth view? (every single one new view costs $1/100 :points: more): 

also maybe one day i will add there icons etc. 

i'm gonna die

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2016, 9:14 AM

lol i did a workout to lose weight for the first time and i feel like i'm dying 
why this is so freaking hard 

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