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It was about time I updated my sona. My style has changed a bit since the last ref.

The main changes are that I've learned that I'm agender. I mostly refer to Dino as a she/her these days (as i use those more irl), but she is happy with any pronouns really. I feel like every time I update her, I've gone through another era of self discovery, haha. She was non-binary before, but the term Agender suits me better, so I'm going with that. Dino, like me, feels an absolute absence of any gender. I've also altered her toes slightly! I want to get better at drawing raptor claws. 

As a Deernosaur, Dino is slightly smaller and much lighter than the average human. She has fur on the lower half of her body, as well as a patch of chick fur at the top of her back which hasnt moulted yet. As the runt of the litter, she's unusually small for her age and slow to develop, so she still has fawn spots. Dino's fingernails are more like claws, and her feet are reminiscent of prehistoric raptor claws. She has a small inside toe on each foot. 
The tail is a birth defect, as usually they are longer and more nimble. That combined with the fawn spots make Dino very self concious at times, and she looks forward to getting antlers someday. She's convinced she'll get them. She also has an interesting set of teeth, which comprise of raptor-like incisors and multiple canines, but also some more flattened molars at the back for chewing. Therefore she is Omnivorous. Dino is usually seen in her signature pink hoodie, but rarely puts bottoms on. In summer, she's sometimes forced to shave her legs and tail to cool off, and when that happens her family insist she wears shorts.  

Deernosaurs dont breast feed their young, so neither gender have breasts or nips. Males have antlers. Dino lives with a human family, and often gets confused for male because of the flat chest. This has lead to her growing up with varying levels of dysphoria (both with her gender identity and her species identity). She's only now starting to feel comfortable about it.

Dino is egg-laying/oviparous. Deernosaur chicks develop partly in the womb as the egg forms, so for a time they are fed through umbilical cord and therefore have belly buttons. Dino lays an unfertilized egg every three months or so. It's her period and she hates it.

Dino is pretty chill most of the time, but easily irritated and also quite pessimistic about life. She is pretty lazy and would rather watch cartoons than go hunting. Sleeping is her favourite thing. She likes hugs and being made a fuss of (though she wouldnt admit it). Her expression is just a bad case of resting bitch face. She's usually feeling pretty fine on the inside. 

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i absolutely love her already <33333333. i absolutely love your style again my dear :3