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Full body Sketch Payment
6000 :points: per full body
Half body payment
4000 :points: per half body
Headshot payment
1500 per headshot
Chibi Sketch
3500 :points: per character



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My OC are my treasure STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-Ange OC stamp by onnanokoMIX Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestello


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Commission info:…

:new: Due to personal reason, I'm only be able to produce a normal Caninus on 1st January 2019. Thanks for viewing. :heart:~~

I just recently searching old files, redrawing and rearranging my Caninus adoptables. Finally all the profile are completed, so as the masterlist. This species was created back in 2013 but I "abandoned" them for quite sometime due to busy life. Just recently got a request from a friend to revive this species. So here they are. 

Info about Caninus:  Caninus InfoIntroduction:

Caninus are basically a breed of cyborg (cybernetic organism) mixed with dog/wolf species. These robotic creatures are created by a secret organization, recognized by the government, and are produced and trained to assist the police/military/navy.
Caninus are born by injecting canine DNA into synthetic tissues while they grow inside a sealed capsule tube. Each capsule tube provides all kinds of nutrients needed for the growth of each embryo.
A new born Caninus has the appearance of a 2 year-old infant. They appear as normal human children with the exception of canine ears and tails. Their ears are made of highly technological mechanisms that can be used as a plug which can charge electronic devices. Just make sure that you don’t drain out your caninus’ energy when you’re using the plug. There will be a serial number stamped in the right ear of each Caninus. The first caninus will be numbered as 01 and so on.

Master List :  (All written in the desciption) 
Normal Caninus:

N01 by shrimpHEBY N02 by shrimpHEBY N03 by shrimpHEBY N04 by shrimpHEBY N05 by shrimpHEBY Caninus N06 ( mine) by shrimpHEBY

Hybrid Caninus

H01 by shrimpHEBY H02 by shrimpHEBY H03 by shrimpHEBY H04 by shrimpHEBY Custom Caninus H08 by shrimpHEBY

I hope people are still interested in them~~ >///A////<~~ A normal and a hybrid will be up on 1st January 2019. (*W*)b 

Some info:

Commission that I do
Drawing your OCs in Military Outfit (OPEN)You can see some of the samples of previous military outfit that I've drawn. 

All pictures will be done in coloured. No background included. If you like to add in background, please state so, but extra charges needed. 
You have offer your price for this type of commissions. Please offer at least USD 70/ 7000 :points: for a single character. The more you offer the more likely I'll accept your commission.
I don't draw:
Old/Masculine ppl
So if you're interested please fill in the form below in the comment box
Character reference: Send me clear, full body coloured reference.
Military type: Navy, air force, army, marine etc ( I'm not sure if there's more...)
Weapon:  It's the best if you can post a pic reference here.
Your offer: 
Background : NONE (please note me personally if you want to have background added then we can discuss further)
Other info : If any. 
Have a great day. 
Pencil Sketch Commission (OPEN):new: Having an offer here: Buy anything from here:
1) up to USD 40 (excluding shipping fee) , you can get an A5 coloured bust shot for free.
2) up to USD 30 (excluding shipping fee) , you can get a pencil sketch headshot/bust shot for free.
3) up to USD 40  (excluding shipping fee),  you can get a pencil sketch mini chibi for free.
4) up to USD 60  (excluding shipping fee), you can get a normal chibi/ 2 or couple heashots for free. 
5) up to USD 80  (excluding shipping fee) , you can get a half body/ 2 or couple mini chibis for free.  
1) Discount will be given for notebook/sketchbooks shipping fee.
2) USD 5 shipping fee ONLY for postcards, pens and bookmarks. 
If you have any questions please note me. (*W*)b
- note me if interested. 
- single character only. ( if you still request couple pic, extra charges needed, probably doubl
Digital Sketch Commission ( OPEN )No waiting list available but i’ll Open again once i’ve finished the current batch. Thank you. :)
Comment below or send me notes
with your commission info:
Category:Headshot speed paint/ full body sketch/ half body sketch/chibi sketch
Number of characters:(please state if you want more than one character in a canvas)
Character references:(Please give as many as possible (please give me full body character reference.)
Other info:(keep it short and simple) 
Total price: (in Points) / in USD if you're using paypal. 
One person can commission more than one commission, but please comment them with spacing so I don't get confused. >//v//<~~ Note me only if you have other questions to ask. This is not first come first serve. I'll note you when I'm ready to do your commissions.

a) Headshot spee
Doodle sketchpage (Fix price)Payment plans / installments are allowed. JUst note me for details. :D
More samples here:

 USD 250 / 25000 :points:  ( 6-7 images, including 2 fullbodies, 2-3 half bodies, 2 chibis) 
 USD 500 / 50000 :points: ( 12 images, including 4 fullbodies, 4 half bodies, 4 chibis/headshots) 
COLOURED DOODLE SKETCHPAGE for couple characters 
USD 400 / 40000 :points: ( 6 images,  including 2 fullbodies, 2 half bodies, 2 chibis) 
USD 800/ 80000 :points:  ( 12 images, including 4 fullbodies, 4 half bodies, 4 chibis/headshots) 
Note me to get a slot. 
Commission Info (CLOSED)ONLY OPEN FOR 5 SLOTS AT THE MOMENT.  You can commission maximum 5 commission for 1 slot. 
Send me a note with the title "Commission"
Then fill in the following form:
Types of Commission:  Ex: i) Character sheet
Reference: (please provide full body and fully coloured clear references. )
Background: Simple / details (we'll discuss bout this in the note)
Payment method:
Deadline: (if any) 
(For Brownpaper/ Kraftpaper chibi , please add in these too) 
Full name: 
Full address
Contact number: 
PLEASE read before you note me.
I'm gonna work slow this dear commissioners...please don't rush me~~ (give me at least 2-3 weeks for the pic..not counting the time to reach your turn) >w<~~ :icondesueyeplz:e:icondesueyeplz:
I only accept money and points...
Here's the thing I offer: (some are not available ATM, however you can note me with your r

My artbook: (note me to purchase)

Reminiscence Artbook (clear stock) by shrimpHEBY D King Artbook Restock by shrimpHEBY



May 19, 2019
12:36 pm
May 19, 2019
12:30 pm
May 19, 2019
10:36 am
May 19, 2019
9:28 am
May 19, 2019
8:45 am


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