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Destiny: The Guardian of All Elements

By Shricka
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My entry for W.I.T.C.H.E. Free Style contest (57,000 points). I had some ideas at first, but I choose this picture. I have two drawings, but I did not like the first one and I did not finish it:  Contest Pic by Shricka
My subject is how Will understands her own destiny and that she has great responsibility for her. I tried to make the picture more structured and composed. More dynamics. I have a lot of work to do, but I do not have that physical time anymore.
Definitely my work with Cintiq makes it easier for me. I am very happy to have one of my dreams come true. Well, that's it. I hope you like the image. I always prefer Will to paint and I can not explain why.


Some video process:…

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MG2100 series
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This looks amazing , and love the small touches like the heart sparking with electricity 
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No thank you for making it
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Gosh this is amazing, well done
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eeeeeey love iiiiiiitttt
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this is awesome!
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You've definitely captured Will's character here. :)
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Although I really like the other picture you did, I definitely think that you were right to go with this piece for the contest, it's so dynamic and dramatic and I really connect with Will's feelings of responsibility through the lighting and the composition which really highlight the power behind her other self. This is an excellent piece, I wish you luck in the contest! :D
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Thank you so much. Well I am in 1st place so...
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This looks amazing m
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This is gorgeous. As always, I love your coloring and shading techniques. Really brings life to all your W.I.T.C.H. drawings. Perhaps you should finish that other one, too, and upload it as a separate drawing. It is gorgeous, too!
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I will finish the other one. No problem for that. :P
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As a huge fan of W.I.T.C.H. I absolutely adore this omg it's so beautiful!! And Will is my fave too :D Great work!!
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It's time to add this..... :ninja:. I wonder who will come out on top this time, humm... fuck this will be hard to Judge, damn. Ok I'll add this now.
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Твоята идея е най-добарата,и си е в стил на Уич.Мисля,че знам кой ще е победител :P
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We shell see who wins what =p.
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