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A stillness settles in the town
The world is gray and drab and smooth
No chains are here to hold me down,
And yet today I cannot move.

But this must end and this must go
Withdraw I will and move I must
For clearly this is nothing but
A deathly case of wanderlust.

I walk alone amid a crowd
Of people I know nothing of
You fill your lives with happiness
But me, I search for broken love.

So have your cookie-cutter houses
Empty books and plastic rings
Someday maybe I’ll be brave
And judge my life by lifeless things.

You act so sure, but I cannot
I cannot bear to see, it seems,
The sad and pretty landscape of
Your shyly hopeful, shattered dreams.

I’d love to stay right here with you
But I must tell you, I cannot
For truth is, darling, I have caught
A deathly case of wanderlust.
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