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Shrafik world by Shrafik-cat Shrafik world :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 4 2 Shrafik with Felix by Shrafik-cat Shrafik with Felix :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 8 5 Cat Shrafik plays electric piano by Shrafik-cat Cat Shrafik plays electric piano :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 11 6 Shrafik sorceress by Shrafik-cat Shrafik sorceress :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 11 6 Shrafik and Bonkers by Shrafik-cat Shrafik and Bonkers :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 4 8 Shrafik cat by Shrafik-cat Shrafik cat :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 7 6 Cat Shrafik in a cloudy country by Shrafik-cat Cat Shrafik in a cloudy country :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 9 2 Shrafik 24 years by Shrafik-cat Shrafik 24 years :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 6 6 Shrafik cat protests because of cat Felix by Shrafik-cat Shrafik cat protests because of cat Felix :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 5 4 Shrafik hates himself myself 2 by Shrafik-cat
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Shrafik hates himself myself 2 :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 1 7
Shrafik hates himself myself by Shrafik-cat Shrafik hates himself myself :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 6 2 Shrafik in different forms by Shrafik-cat Shrafik in different forms :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 4 4 Shrafik in Buishnoria by Shrafik-cat Shrafik in Buishnoria :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 9 0 Shrafik in the world of patterns by Shrafik-cat Shrafik in the world of patterns :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 7 3 Dissatisfied Shrafik by Shrafik-cat Dissatisfied Shrafik :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 9 12 Shrafik Illusionist 2 by Shrafik-cat Shrafik Illusionist 2 :iconshrafik-cat:Shrafik-cat 10 4


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Shrafik world
Приходите в мой мир и наслаждайтесь полными силами магии и волшебства, чарующими действиями к вам от моей любви и добра.
Come to my world and enjoy the full powers of magic and magic, enchanting actions to you from my love and goodness.
Shrafik with Felix
Я Шрафик танцую с Феликсом и развлекаюсь накануне его столетия.
I am Shrafik dancing with Felix and having fun on the eve of  him century.

Damn, I color Felix and forgot that his feet are white, well, I think he will have a black color even more.
Cat Shrafik plays electric piano
Кот Шрафик играет на электропианино в замечательном красивом мире.
Фу блин как я со стороны некрасиво и страшно выгляжу, теперь понятно почему меня мало кто смотрит и нету поклонников.:( (Sad) Да без шляпы я не такой красивый как одетый в ней.
Cat Shrafik plays electric piano in a wonderful beautiful world.
Fu damn how I look ugly and scary from the side, now it's clear why few people look at me there and no fans. :( Yes, without a hat, I am not as handsome as wearing it

 Inspired by this song…
I also want to be able to play well and play compose music.It is a pity there are no skills and tools for this.:(
Shrafik sorceress
Я колдун всего мiра дня и ночи, правда далеко я хотел нарисовать не такой рисунок но в виду моих художественных возможностей получилось вот так, но надеюсь вам тоже понравится, эх хочется по настоящему что-то стоящее и удивительное для вас рисовать, но очень трудно правда.
I am a all of the whole day and night, although I wanted to draw not such a drawing, but in view of my artistic possibilities, it turned out like this, but I hope you will like it too, oh, I really want something worthwhile and amazing for you to draw, but it's very difficult .

inspired by this music…
Do you like the games of the final fantasy series? True today, this series of games has slipped to the bottom: (
Shrafik and Bonkers
Нарисовал себя Шрафика с чокнутым, так как он такой-же помешанный и безумный как я. Тоже кривляется делает вид что тупит хотя на самом деле хитрый, и умный просто маску идиота носит, так-же не знаю почему но это один из немногих диснеевских персонажей который мне нравился, правда я к сожалению не могу рисовать его вместе со Шрафиком далее там в комиксах или других рисунках во избежание нарушения авторских прав, поэтому как-то так.
Когда помню смотрел вторую серию чокнутого он этот рысь говорил что у мультяшек четыре пальца на руках а не пять, ну я не согласен, например у котов пять пальцев даже просто анатомически а не мультяшно, но наверное у Диснея свои законы мультипликации, и рисования, как и у меня, хотя он мне так-же нравится тем, что так-же без штанов ходит, как и я, и такой же обаятельный и весёлый.
I Draw Shrafik himself with bonkers, since he is the same crazy and crazy like me. He also grimaces pretending that he is tupit, although in fact he is cunning, and he just wears an idiot mask, so I don’t know why but this is one of the few Disney characters that I liked, although I unfortunately cannot draw it along with Schrafik further or comics or other drawings in order to avoid copyright infringement, so somehow.
When I remember watching the second series of crazy, he speak this is lynx that the cartoons have four fingers and not five, well, I disagree, for example, the cats have five fingers even just anatomically and not cartoons, but Disney has its own laws of animation, and as drawing and with me, although I like him as much because he walks without pants, like me, and is as charming and cheerful.
Bonkers lynx
Shrafik it`s me


Shrafik-cat's Profile Picture
Greetings in your profile. My name is Shrafik the Cat, and I am the youngest character to date in the world of animation. I dream of becoming as famous as many cartoon characters in many famous painting corporations, I know that this path is not easy and even rather complicated, but I will try to please everyone, without having any value whatsoever you are of color and creed. My goal in life is to become one of the most famous characters in the world of mankind and one day to remove the most masterpiece full-length animated film in the world that has never before been seen by more than one film critic and just a Cinema visitor, so that everyone has just an explosion of emotion and feeling Joy after watching, and finally, in the annals of the cartoon, there were new animated cartoons, and their norms for this cartoon were loved by the Young and old and all. Get an estimate of ten out of ten or a hundred points, I believe that it is possible that nothing more than a cartoon in the world did not get a one-hundredth rating scale. So, I hope that I will be able to climb to the top of glory and do what none of them have managed to do and have been remembered for centuries, for millennia, so that they always remember the caricature. Shrafik received an excellent score of 100 points. In the end, it's my duty and duty to people, and not to say goodbye to them, but for now it's just a dream, I was born just today by my creator and was painted at 2 am Moscow time. Birthday April 2 is my character and let it be possible when the holiday, as well as for me and for you, but as long as it's a normal day like everyone else.
I Shrafik the Cat, unfortunately, I do not speak English at all, I do not know this language, so I write only through different translators, then why do I register here? And I registered so simply to show myself about my talent, because many people write and write, and how do I do it badly? No, I'm fine, I like being on this page with deviant art to see drawings by different artists from around the world, as well as writers I've known about this page for a long time, but did not dare to register here for a long time. Therefore I like to view the pages of many artists here and evaluate them. Of course, I will not write reviews on your photos again because of not knowing English, and what the translator sometimes gives me is scary, so I just appreciate it from myself. Therefore, I will be glad to new acquaintances and interest clubs. I'm a fan of old animation, as well as numismatists, so I need to talk and talk about something.
Thank you for reading my page.

My intereses.
Write, draw, read books, composing songs, come up with video games, collection coins and note( dollar USA), communicate, make new friends, exchange with you culture, interests, learn about each other.
Music I like different music, I do not have a favorite band, because unfortunately not one group has composed songs so well that me would all like it.
Cartoons: Felix the cat(1920s and 1990s), the adventures of captain vgungelya, Tom and Jerry(1940-1950s),
Hercules is one of the few Disney cartoons that really amazed me, and I've seen it. I myself(Shrafik cat)
Games: more games(PS1) on computer: Fable 1, The Elder Scrols 4-Oblivion, Commandes strike force, Crusader Kings 2, Mafia 2, Tropico 4.
Drinks Morse, compote, juice( no tomate) kvass (only home, shop shit fizzy I do not buy and I do not drink), kisel, tea only black, from green I feel sick, coffee a little, hot chocolate, cacao with milk, alcohol no drink(The French me do not become destined for me, I me no taste wine:( )
Foods Fisk(Halibut, salmon, capelin, salmon, trout fried or smoked), caviar red and black, cheese camembert or brie, cheese roquefort, bean soup, cheese soup, cheese soup with mushrooms (champignons), bread black, and white, pasta spaghetti, suchi, jam from cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cowberries.
I speak fluent russian, I do not speak English well, nd learn Frace language, a also want know Norge language.
I do not like
Coca Cola, fanta, and other synthetic fizzy shit, fast food(Macdonalds, KFS and other rubbish, even though I work for them), cakes, pork, lamb, beef, and other incomprehensible meat.
Americanization of European culture, I'm worried that more and more cartoon characters of Europe are becoming like Americans. Japan's European animation, seeing cartoons with big eyes makes me angry and annoying, anime( not Japanese, I mean, what japanese influences)
Bendy( I don't understand where this replica came from, and why they want to join it by the time of silent cartoons, if it appeared in 2017, this damn)
Well, for now, everything


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