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One-turn KO

I play Pathfinder every Monday evening. I play a Hunter named Irlana and her boar companion Mick. Whenever either of them rolls a critical hit, the other gets a free attack known as an Attack of Opportunity. And when one of them gets a free attack, they both get a free attack. As you can see, that happened a lot yesterday during one turn. And technically I didn't even get to finish the full attacks! I would have gotten one more round of the Attacks of Opportunity and Irlana hadn't even gotten off her normal attacks! After 3 crits during the AoO's themselves, the GM just said I killed the giant spider I was fighting.

I had to save the pics, even with all the scrolling I had to do through the chat log.

While the domino effect of crits didn't happen on my next turn (we were fighting about 20 giant spiders), there was still one crit confirmed so I was able to kill another spider very quickly.

The really funny thing is, after all the spiders were dead, Irlana tried to slash her way through the webbing so we could get out of there. I rolled two Nat Ones.
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