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browser wars

By shoze
EDIT: HQ print version available here: [link]

isnt there a humor category? i have no idea where to submit this..

anyways, this was a quick sketch done for sketchoholic and to my surprise it was REALLY popular!
it was even uploaded to reddit (thanks again TB! :)) and jetted into the top page in a matter of hours!

how crazy is that!?

anyways here you go my DA fans, enjoy :)
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© 2011 - 2021 shoze
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Hello, I found your image awesome and would like to use it in my non-commercial technical article about browser testing automation. Is that ok? Link to your blog will be present on the image. Thank you!
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yea, non commercial with credits it ok. cheers.
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That's a good laugh
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I'll correct my self: It's a close-to-a-heart-attack laugh.
I have tears in my eyes now.

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I feel like safari's that kid that is pristine all the time. "agh! Don't touch me... I'm clean".
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j'aime vraiment bien ton travail !
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Opera beats Google Chrome and Firefox but doesn't have most features that they do. 
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Tor is the best browser.
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Internet explorer used your work in one of it's commercials [link]
I don't know if they got your permission.
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yea i know, thanks. they haven't asked me originally but i've dealt with it.
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That's good to know. I knew once I saw the video that the drawing definitely was not done by someone they commissioned because I've seen it a lot online beforehand.
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Hey, just a heads up about your art being used by Trident Mexico:
I put a link to here so you'll at least have SOME credit. :B
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thanks man. i appreciate it.
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DUDE! Some other guy on DA has taken credit for your work! does one get them reported or whatever?
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fucking asshole. im used to ppl putting it up unaccredited but its the first time someone actually claims ownership.
i have no idea how to report ppl here but i'll comment him and hope he has the decency to take it down.

thanks for letting me know.
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glad you like :D
Divertida visión de la realidad, muy original, me gusta tu dibujo. Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.
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Totally epic. Actually saw this on a meme sight.
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Saw this drawing over at this link and didn't see a credit there, so had to do an image search to find you. Awesome drawing! Haha @ your depiction of IE.
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