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battle artist round 10

By shoze
:iconbattle-artist: #10 - young justice.

im pretty bad at cool dynamic posing. worse when it comes to groups.
i tried to come up with a more "visual design" solution for this one.

btw, the image can be used as wallpaper. don't steal or distribute without credit.
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© 2013 - 2021 shoze
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This is awesome, I love it !!Rainbow Bounce + PLZ 
You could re-do this with Artemis as Tigress in the shadow of her mother.
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I think Super boy was just messing with the shot by jumping just as the pic was taken, you know his sense of humour is a little strained so I guess he is trying to show his "fun" side. As for the rest, they have the dynamic posing down to a fine art... wait this is a drawing!? Wow that's really good.
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thanks, the superboy jumping thing already came up :) 
but  i don't understand the comment about "drawing". this was done with PS and flash.
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I was saying that you picture was so good it could've have been a "photograph" if the characters were real (just a strange way I tried to compliment your work)
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heh, totally missed it ^^;

thanks for the original complete! :D
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Would be -perfect- if Superboy wasn't floating. /kills me a little inside
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yea, i found out too late that i got my superhero facts mixed-up. 

sorry, but it's here to stay, mate. >_>
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Aww ok. Still 99.9% awesome though! :)
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fantastic design!!
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This is great!
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You're welcome!
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Really nice Art !!!!!
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