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Where the Brookside Ends ch. 1
do you know where the sand in an hour glass comes from? Or why most of your dreams are continuation of dreams that you either have had and don't remember or simply have not had yet.have you ever broken someones heart not once but twice, or more. and didn't bat an eyelash? any such manner of various thoughts as you lie awake in bed ,or in your somber solace whether it be on the road on your way to work,or  in the shower in the morning,, mabye even during the news, or while you text/call the one person you love.
                                     A Tasty Soliloquy, 
"Have you ever had the dream where you were falling? Its theorized that when you dream that you are falling it is because things are out of your control and your subconscious cant handle the pressure. Lets take a look at where dreams, and any manner of  things all go to d
:iconshoz3n:shoz3n 10 1
the Eave of never.
There was once a small sleepy little city named Lleh; It all started with a faint whisper. looking for a place to escape. my name is Tsugua Sable and, hhhhh whats the point of this.. the child stands at a 4/11 even, his light brown hair messily falling forward just enough to cover his pale blue eyes. his age somewhere between 6 and 9 but only time would tell. because of his parents messy fights(often turning into physical altercations) the happy days of his child hood now swept into the cold fires of solitude. but they were just to busy to pay attention, busy fighting over who gets custody.. it comes to a point were you just have to get away, and Tsugua knew this. witch is why tonight he decided that he was going to the only place that he felt safe Hollow sween central park. The park about 5 and a half miles in size and it was a sight in the morning the sunlight seemed to dance across the Autumn leaves the twisted trees seeming to dance in the breeze. the leaves falling like rose petal
:iconshoz3n:shoz3n 2 15
Mature content
i love to hate by learning to love :iconshoz3n:shoz3n 2 19
Thoughts grift, dreamless entity 1 song 0
Wake. me up through all my dreams, dreams and
all the memories, time has all but gone past now.
 dreams they shake and fade somehow, i am left,
with lies that you have told. then you walked away
 from me, its so cold it burns me to breathe.
open up your eyes and scream all is lost but memories,
"wait please"
times before i passed fade grey, but of course
you just walked away. so i hope that you can see me broke helpless in defeat its so cold and hard to breathe. and, and all the memories.
dont wait for me, (the memories)
its so cold i cannot breathe.
dont look at me the mem, the memor the memories.
and of couse you dont care, that i try to stay away
infact thats when you turn my way. showing me that i love you no mater what you do, made my life empty shell,
 made my mind a holding cell.
one day you'll see the truth. i just love i don't need you
so just turn and walk away i wont be there anywase.
dont wait for me, (remember me)
dont cry to me again, (remember m
:iconshoz3n:shoz3n 1 0
you wouldn't begin to understand, yet here i am explaining
the recollection of days that have long since vanished.
but those memories remain crystal clear.
you set the glass in front of me, 
my lips cracked, dry,
my continence a shatterproof resolve,
my special facade made just for you
 to put your mind at ease
you push the glass into my hand,
then tell me not to drink.
how cruel of you to mock my pain,
and yet here i am with you
as a shield to dull the ache
this very well may be my final act,
your ignorant of this,
the blood and tears iv shed for you, 
your ignorant in bliss.
so of course you would ignore my pain.
"but that was my choice" you say, yes that is true. but what of mine? iv said and kept my word, long sence you left and im keeping it despite your return
But what of yours? you fled in the same breath that you said you wouldn't leave.
your words as void as substance as the air you breathe in
Your helped by my presence when your with me,
when i'm with you, iv n
:iconshoz3n:shoz3n 3 0
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Eagle head cane by Marcoz12 Eagle head cane :iconmarcoz12:Marcoz12 6 2 Commission - TechTalk by MoonRayCZ Commission - TechTalk :iconmoonraycz:MoonRayCZ 12 5 My dream is real by Toffefe My dream is real :icontoffefe:Toffefe 12 4
borders crossed
beaches are borders
where earth air fire and water
combine into life
endless waves break on the shore
watched by the sun and the moon
:iconcattservant:cattservant 5 10
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There was once a thing called dreams. not anymore, all that's left is emptiness. There was once warm smiles, no more just an empty cold blank stare. The once beautiful thoughts that reside ground down to the marrow, now nothing. And every hope harrowed by the blades of selfish impulses. As every new nightmare is takes on your face, i hope that your happy. The most beautiful thing in existence is now the bane of my very being. SUDDENLY appearing only to cut me down lower than i was before as if rock bottom was really the first floor. and they ask me why i blankly stare. because the only thing iv ever wanted was someone to love, someone to cherish, someone t hold dear someone to care for who also cared. But you cant find that anywhere, or so it seemed, until you found me, just to crush everything that i had left, my last drips of hope. pretending to pull me to safety just to seconds before i reach ground to cut the rope and hurl me back into the abyss of solitude. 

I hope that your happy.
and i hope that your smiling at my emanate demise.
you have a beautiful smile.
you really do.

down to the very last seconds it was all worth while.
so thank you for everything.
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about me, i'm merely a monster in a world filled with humans some that under their own definition of the word are more monstrous than i could ever dream of being.

my fears include butterflies, and anything that my mind can spawn while im writing.


_words of a fallen saint_
eh, so long as there is breath i will do everything in my power to topple those who have it. in my eyes there is nothing worse than the destruction of an idea but by my views people are art not just to be admired but to be sculpted and not by some government religion or god and most certainly not by the everchanging status quo that is "society". that being said i am not a non conformist, because in my eyes conformity does not exist its merely an justification for plagiarising lifestyles that is not your own.



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