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Here's Ten from Batman Beyond.

I recently re-watched the episode where the Royal Flush Gang first shows up. And y'know, that scene where Melanie meets Terry... dang. I must've forgotten how sexy she acts, y'know, hanging off poles like that, hah. And then there's that other episode where she's in his bedroom, etc.

So yea, I chose to draw her cuz she's simple, & there's not a lot of Ten fanart here. Pose came from an ad. And hey, yay, I colored something again. =D But I think her black half is too dark on a regular monitor (I use a laptop =P )
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 Melanie was in some of the best episodes of the show, that was where she really shined and I believe that she is a a perfect successor for Catman in Batman's life. The show kind of hinted that she reformed but who are we kidding? Washing dishes and serving at a restaurant will not keep a trained thief out of trouble for life.

 I would have really liked it if they made a sequel show to that show, it happens 10 years in the future (ignores that last episode of JLU with Batman Beyond) and we are reintroduced to all the characters we know and love.  I can bet you that she became an expert thief out of Gotham and she returns to the city.
I really like that episode as well. She has a really sexy costume
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Wow, awesome. I drew her recently as well. great character.
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Love it! You're right, there isn't nearly enough Ten fanart.
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I’m generally a Melanie Walker/Ten fan, I even wrote a Two-Face Story that has her as Two-Face's Lover and here's the [link] please read and review.
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Damn thats hot.
this is exellent why has no one comented I think this is great
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