I hope you all had a great start to the year! Don't forget to keep up with your new year's resolutions :)

Reflecting on the current needs of the Groups system, I have decided to make some pretty drastic changes to our group's homepage - some of you may have already seen it, but if you still haven't, go check it out now! ;)

And last but not least, an FAQ for all of you with questions out there! :D

Q: How can I submit one of my existing artworks into your gallery?

A: "Gallery" tab > "Submit to Gallery" > "Contribute an existing artwork"

Q: Why can't I submit a blog entry?

A: The blogging option is open to members with "Contributor" membership only.

Q: How can I obtain a "Contributor" membership?

A: Only regular members who have shown significant contributions are considered as candidates for the "Contributor" membership. You will receive an invitation once you have been approved.

Q: Why is my submission rejected?

A: We do not reject submission, unless we consider it to be plagiarism/vulgar/inappropriate/incomplete. All decisions are final.

Q: My submission was successfully accepted, but it does not appear in your "Featured" gallery. Have something gone wrong?

A: Only the best submission as chosen by the Admins get to have its place in the "Featured" section. Your artwork have been placed in one of the sub-category folders - but it's definitely still there.

Q: Can members get "Demoted"?

A: By definition, "demotion" means the withdrawal of membership by force. If you have been found to be inappropriate you *will* be kicked out of the group. Period. If you are a "Contributor", you must show significant contributions to secure a permanent position in this group. Otherwise you will be turned back to a regular member. Do not be disappointed when that happens though, as you can easily get your "Contributor" membership back by contributing more, which will eventually secure you a permanent position as an admin!

Q: Do you accept affiliates?

A: Yes! We accept any groups dedicating to a current TV show as affiliate. We prefer to be called under the name of "Quality Television Network".

And once again, happy new year everyone! Please be on the look out for our massive Dexter prize giveaway when Season 5 returns later this year!

We :heart: Dexter! :la:

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