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Daily Deviation
July 8, 2009
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By showkunz
Tosakanth is character in Ramakien myth of Thailand."I am the Tosakanth !"She shoute."Nobody can kill me!!!!"She walks away into the heaven and she defy with Gods.But she just to try on kill some one for new weapon."First come first served"
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Joshua-Mozes's avatar
Awesomeness on so many levels :jawdrop:
licemar13's avatar
Jaw droping at this moment... amazing
Dadosgila's avatar
i love it...the light is great
Iaryx's avatar
I like the light on the girl very much!!!!
remark666's avatar
hey man, great work on the peice, i hope u dont mind that I used it to create myself a wallpaper [link] I didnt put my name on it or anything, its for personal use only, as I only got inspired by your work.
Love the weapons. But just like revolvers anyway. Nice work.
BoyWithAntlers's avatar
You make gorgeous artwork! Great Job!
gablhius's avatar
Wow.. awesome..
she wearing something in her head.. looks like crown from Gatot Kaca Indonesian wayang..Cool..
and the city looks really fantastic..

Thumbs up
MitsuyoriPLUS's avatar
Mech all the way! this is amazing, what tools did you use?!
laliluleilo's avatar
You, sir, are genius.
Pity you do only digital. I love traditional ways...
But still I must admit your work is ..godlike. Your invention is like that.
Another fave.
ky27's avatar
awesommme ,damn cool
thierryclan14's avatar
that mechanic design! oh so detailed! Damn man, you did really magnificent on this artwork! :D
Big kudos for you (... and perhaps illama)
nibelwolf's avatar
freaking awesome man!! :beer::pirate:
ZINE-R's avatar
I2hino's avatar
เจ๋งดีคับภาพนี้ ชอบหมวกกะปืนมากเลยคับ
wt00232321's avatar
เราเพิ่งมารู้นะเนี่ยมาคุณพี่เป็นคนไทย เจอในนิตยาสารLet's!!!??? งานอย่างงามเลย!!!!
gosteonerr's avatar
:wow: i could stare at this for days and still not see everything in it! AWESOME :headbang:
Redheadprincess's avatar
I just love the guns...
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