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Naruto 3D Model

Finally finished the naruto model. Modeled in Maya. Textured in Maya and Photoshop. Posed in Zbrush.
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I don't suppose you know if this could be ported to sfm?
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I'm sure it can.
work is super easy, and you can display video on youtube how did you do it

<font><font>Вы можете объяснить в деталях, как вы сделали это хорошо, например, на YouTube</font></font>
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Good copy of the character!
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thanks. might remodel it tho. i've learned so much since i made it.
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man this is awesome! and Maya's toon render is pretty impressive!
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I know I might sound rude , but can you create a madara uchiha model please
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sorry for the late reply been away for a while. i actually did make a madara model but im planning on making madara with a new look.
umm can u send it to me as a obj file ,I'll give u credits if I use it 
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i'll be selling my models soon on turbosquid. i'll post the links when im done
ive been trying to find out how to do anime textures like that for weeks, could you tell me what technique you used?
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I'll make step by step tutorial for you. Ill try to have it for you by tomorrow.
thank you so much!
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Hey so do you planning on making a video with your naruto and ichigo models in it?
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yea, my friend plans to make a fight scene with the ichigo and naruto models.I'm not sure when we will finish. We are still working on the rigs.
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Cool! This is going to be epic. Can't wait for it to come out.
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Awesome work! This looks just like Ultimate ninja storm. Dude I can see an animation with this. :)
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lol Thanks man. Yep that was the goal to see if i can copy the game.
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