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Poor DaVinci by Rosie-Love98
Positivity vs negativity by Prince-riley
Choose your nude by Prince-riley
Lets talk by Prince-riley
OCs Meme
Sad Hime Style Meme by sydneypie
My Trails/Kieski OC: Cleon Devis by Camperor
Trails OC: Xaria Weissmann by Camperor
Fallen Lover Chronicles: Jacoran Manciel by Camperor
Music Memes
My Favorite Albums of the 1960s by RazorRex
My Favorite Albums of the 1970s by RazorRex
My Favorite Albums of the 1980s by RazorRex
My Favorite Albums of the 1990s by RazorRex
Funny Memes
Grinds My Gears Meme 3 by JackHammer86
Strongest in the universe by Prince-riley
The best spiderman? by Prince-riley
Misogyny by thearist2013
Fan art Memes
Kirby Planet Robobot In Robots by sydneypie
The Beatles And The Beach Boys Sing Ripped Pants by sydneypie
Death Battle: He Copied Me by sydneypie
Christine Gains Rubber by sydneypie
Art style meme
8-14 Hijackers (Draw in you're style meme) by Miigz03
Star Wars Art Style Challenge template by AnarchicQ
Lana Loud's death - Style art (blank) by Miigz03
Ugly Tumblr Meme: Rosa Farrell by Boschian-Fantasies
Expressions faces meme
Best Anime Eyes by Sam-Lim
Selfish for having an opinion? by Prince-riley
Dress by Prince-riley
Gimme My Loki Back by Sam-Lim
Photography Meme
Hello China by Sam-Lim
Irritation by Sam-Lim
I Made A Comic Thing by Sam-Lim
This Makes No Sense by Sam-Lim
Hairstyle Meme
Inspiration for Chloe(MLB)-MEME by HeroXD
Johannah Hair Styles Meme by ElGrell
Hatsune Miku- Hairstyles by criis-chan
Love Meme
How fight ends by Prince-riley
Internet meme
Ring That Subscribes You To Pewds by Sam-Lim
100 theme challenge

Mature Content

Red by MistressOfMesses
Screenshot meme
Follow your heart by Prince-riley
Costume cosplay meme
Dress Meme by PioneeringAuthor
Contest Meme -closed-
Secret Santa 22 to 26
WMS: Anggun by CatSummoner
ABC meme
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What if Hasbro was owned by Mattel ? by unicornsmile What if Hasbro was owned by Mattel ? :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 3 2
Free Base and Template!!!
Use them for Reasons! DeviantArt IT'S FREE!!! LoveDeviantArt
Style Meme - Tek-Hola and her Mindless thugs by Miigz03Style Meme - Vanossgaming by Miigz03Gangster is Very Mad at what - Meme by Miigz03Style Meme - Tina Fights Vanoss' Crew Members by Miigz03Titanis Walleri -VS- Who (Template) by Miigz03Style Meme - Titanis Walleri (Ver. 2) by Miigz03Miigz03 (Me) Warn Tina about Killing Creators by Miigz03Steele's Musher and Man (MEME) by Miigz03Flowery VS What (Blank) by Miigz03Flowery VS What (Boss Battle - Part 1) by Miigz03Flowery VS What (Boss Battle - Part 2) by Miigz031900's + 2000's - Creator or Character - Template by Miigz03
if you Comment me if you just use it or not, Just let me know.
Note (by) Miigz03
:iconmiigz03:Miigz03 1 0
Piccolo the fap factor by DBZSonicsgreatness Piccolo the fap factor :icondbzsonicsgreatness:DBZSonicsgreatness 11 15 9GAG Button by Megane-Megami 9GAG Button :iconmegane-megami:Megane-Megami 16 3 9Gag logo by romus91 9Gag logo :iconromus91:romus91 15 15 9gag by SrGrafo 9gag :iconsrgrafo:SrGrafo 59 39 9GAG by sibhansh 9GAG :iconsibhansh:sibhansh 19 3 9GAG by yorunonaka7929 9GAG :iconyorunonaka7929:yorunonaka7929 28 34 9gag stamp by Brain-Artist 9gag stamp :iconbrain-artist:Brain-Artist 154 44
Mature content
Freddy is love... Shrek is life... :iconruppyeagle:ruppyeagle 2 2
Mature content
Rocko is love, Rocko is life :iconxandermartin98:xandermartin98 12 41
Weird Al is Love, Weird Al is Life
For ToastedGhosts
>I was just 15 years old.
>I was such a Weird Al Yankovic fan. I owned all his albums and songs.
>I listen to him every night, wishing I could one day meet my hero.
>"Weird Al is love," I say, "Weird Al is life."
>My mom hears me and says I'm obsessed.
>She's obviously unimpressed with my love for Al.
>I say she's crazy.
>She takes my music and says to never listen to him again.
>I am crying now, because my heart hurts.
>I go into bed, and it's very silent.
>I feel someone's presence come towards me.
>I feel something kiss my cheek.
>It's Weird Al Yankovic.
>I'm so happy.
>He whispers in my ear, "Hey, you’ve got weasels on your face."
>He pulls me off the bed and lends his accordion to me.
>I'm ready.
>I play a note for Al.
>He smiles at me as I play.
>I wasn't very good, but I do it for Al.
>I can feel time fly by as we Polka-Party all night.
>We snack on Twinkie Wiener sandwiches every 27 minutes.
>Then it's his turn with the accordion.
>He sings his Polka mel
:iconpsychedelicmemes:PsychedelicMemes 3 2
Shrek is Love?
Shrek is life, shrek is love
Break down all the barriers
Take along your ass sidekick
Go on a long journey for a man
Who has a napoleon complex
Save the princess and get mah life back
Oh dear, it got complicated
Fell in love with the princess
What is an Ogre to do!?
Her love came in like a Shrekking ball
Then I heard her talking to my ass
About how could anyone love a beast like me
So I overreacted and fetched the prince
Now she's off to marry that creep
And my ass is back talking to me
Telling me that I messed up
She was talking about herself
Quick Quick, Rush off to the wedding
Fiona, Fiona, I love you so
Marry me Fiona, Please be mine
Well The prince got in a kerfuffle
Tried to have me killed
Thats when my ass' donkey
Came in and ate that guy
Now Fiona and I are
Happily Wed, in our swamp
and my ass went off with his dragon queen
So I guess, I get my happily ever after
:icontheyoungpoet:TheYoungPoet 1 0
Shrek is love, Shrek is life
I smell like peanuts.
I always let my hair floooooowww like gurlz in shampoo commercials.
nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyaaaannnn
I'm on crack.
Luhan and SM entertainment action on roof tonight at 5pm
With guest stars
Me, you and the beautiful MOOOOOOON.
I am so high like a helicopter
Because bananas are my soul.
My soul blade.
Lady Gaga eats bread like a meat
Miku I love youh
Never forget
nyanpants is my life.
She is also love.
Mama used to be a man.
A manly man.
The manliest man alive.
:iconakunouta:akunouta 3 5
Chica is love, Chica is life...
I was only 19 years old, I loved Chica chicken so much... I had all her merchandise and collectibles.
I pray to Chica every night, and thank her for all the pizza I have been given.
My roommate hears me, and calls me a 'Weirdo'.
I knew he was just jealous of my devotion towards Chica Chicken, so I called him a 'Anchovy'.
He looks at me with a stern stare of pure confusion, he then suggests I go to bed.
I'm bored now... My face wet with pizza greese. 
A metallic figure moves towards me... And then I feel it touch me.
It's Chica!
I am so happy.
She whispers in my ear, "That was my pizza that you rubbed all over your face..."
She grabs me with her metallic claws, and takes me over to my fridge.
I'm ready.
I opened up the fridge for Chica.
She shoves her hands/wings into the fridge.
She makes lots of noise, but I let her continue.  I do it for Chica.
She then pulls out some pizza, and without haste she starts shoving it in my ear.
All I can hear is pizza.
I pushed a little bit ag
:iconask-the-5naf-crew:Ask-The-5NAF-Crew 34 28

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here are the ones we got :la: !!!

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the ones without link are the ones that havent posted their secret santa, pls do it u.u

In OTHER NEWS!!!  Merry Christmas again for everyone!! :la: and Coming Soon New Year!! :iconpartyhardplz:

If u gave a request or a suggestion to make the club better for the uncoming year pls feel free to comment :)

LOVE U MEME LOVERS!! ~ :iconlachoirplz: :heart:
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Hey ppl!!! our group was selected to be in this new group to find more groups ;D check it out! :icongrouple:
Who can gets bored when they are answering weird questions? >=3 if u dont know what meme do and u want to collaborate, only visit our affliates for ideas =D


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