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What is your Osu! username?
- ShovelOnAStone1
What was your first beatmap?
- Yiruma & Skullee River Flows In You (A Love Song)
When did you start to play Osu!? 
- about 3-4 months ago
Do you have a favorite beatmap?
- Not really.
How did you find osu!? 
- Friends
Which mode do you prefer? Mania, Standard, Catch The Beat, Taiko?
- Standard, but trying Taiko.
Do you consider yourself good? 
- Not really.
What is your current Level? 
- Lv 16
Do you have a supporter tag?
- No
Do you have any favorite Mappers? 
- Nope
Who do you look up to as a player? 
- No one really.
Do you play games like Osu!? (ex: AudioSurf, Guitar Hero, etc) 
- Occasionally Audiosurf and other computer rhythm games.
Can you complete a AR10 map? 
- Idk.
How high on BPM can you go? 
- Any. (unless it's those 880 bpm Quick brown fox songs)
What do you use for aiming? 
- Mouse
What do you use for tapping?
- Keyboard and occasionally mouse
What strengths do you have on osu? (ex: good at streaming, good at 
hidden, good with flashlight)
- Ability to play slower songs.
What weaknesses do you have on osu? (ex: bad at streaming, bad at hidden, bad with flashlight)
- Mods
You can have one special talent in osu! standard. stream talent, hidden 
talent, or flashlight talent. What would it be?
- Not having a trigger finger that makes you click earlier than usual.
If you use a mouse, how long did it get you to play well with it? 
- Idk.
Advice for beginners? 
- Don't start off trying to play competitively.
In a couple of years, do you think you will still play osu!? 
- Probably?
What is your favorite diff? (easy, normal, hard, insane. guests work too, like Nogard)
- anywhere between normal and hard.
Favorite Mod? (hr,hd,fl,dt,fl) 
- I prefer not using mods
Do you go on the forums?
- No
If so, how many posts do you have?
- 0
What achievements have you reached? (ex: reached lvl 90 etc) 
- *shrugs* None in particular.
Do you go on Multiplayer often?
- Occasionally with friends.
What in osu! do you think needs improving?
- Loading Screen
Is there any features you'd like to see happen?
- Nope.
Do you map/mod beatmaps?
 - No
If you haven't, do you want to?
- Once I learn how to.
Is there any channels you go on? (ex: #help, #videogames, #modhelp)
- Nope
Who was the first person you met on osu!?
- I can't remember.
Osu is a world wide game, there are a  lot of people from different countries. Have you met and befriended people? 
- I've got a few friends in Sweden.
Osu! Has a lot of japanese-like songs, is there any anime( that you found on osu! and have watched?
- None really.