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Eyes the size of dinner plates, jaw practically on the floor. You couldn’t even get close to comprehending the situation before you.

In front of you, Akashi Seijuro was bend over the poor unsuspecting pizza delivery boy, blood covering the lower half of his face as his narrow eyes glowed with an ominous crimson aura. They were locked onto you, more specifically, your neck.

Scampering with all your speed, you bolted towards the front door of his colossal home, fearing for your life.

‘Please be a dream! Please be a dream!’

The cold hand on your wrist, like touching a cold metal bar, would have awoken you. Unfortunately, this was not a dream. Akashi had really attacked the delivery boy, had really sank a pair of fangs into the boy’s throat, and had really drank his warm life fluid before your very eyes. You suddenly felt the urge to faint.

“(Name).” The way he said it, in such a commanding tone. It was like he was daring you to grab the doorknob that rested just a breath away. But you wouldn’t; you were terrified.

Looking behind you, your eyes met glowing crimson orbs that seemed to burrow into your very soul. An obvious shiver trickled down your spine, a question bubbling on the end of your lips like a warm piece of food you wanted to expose to the cool air. He seemed to notice.

“Before you ask, let me explain.”

“Are you a…”

“Vampire? Yes,” he calmly told you, his frigid hand never leaving your wrist. It was making goosebumps appear on your entire arm. “I was hoping you wouldn’t have to find out this way.”

“Well it would have helped if you didn’t attack the pizza guy like a starving shark!” He didn’t even flinch.

“Then I may as well disclose that the others are not human either.”

You deadpanned. “Are you kidding me?”

This time, he smirked. “Have you never questioned our abilities as simple high schoolers before?”
“Well duh, but I didn’t think you would be vampires. At most I expected steroids. The good kind,” you retorted with a slight scoff. He chuckled, the dark vibrations tickling your ears.

“None of us are two of the same species, my dear. You will have to find that much out for yourself.”

“Great,” you sighed, mostly at the fact that he still held your hand. You wouldn’t tell anyone about this; they would think your cheese had slid off your cracker completely. The last thing you needed was to be labeled as crazy.

Because you weren’t crazy. Right?
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Woo! First chapter of this ^^ Hopefully you guys all like it. If you do, I'll keep posting, but if it doesn't go over too well, I'll put it on hiatus. xD

So yeah! I have a couple chapters of this already written, but I want to get more written before I post them. 

Disclaimer: I do not own KnB or the preview image!! 
ChocolateLover2003 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
Beautiful~!!! Akashi, my bae!! It's okay!!! I'm a different species too, called.... FANGIRLS!!! XD
Abhieghail Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
next next!!~~
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