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Let's Finish This

By ShoutFinder
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Earlier this week on a Monday morn, I asked myself: what am I going to do for Sky's birthday present this year? Hmmm...
... Dragonheart. Perfect.
Yes, let's redraw Qoyoliiz. That sketch from two years ago just doesn't do him justice anymore.
Oh! Let's throw Kaaldunir and Sha in there too! Wielding that fancy sword! Let's have them As Heroic As Possible, with lots of mist and foreboding.
And let's also make Qoyoliiz ridiculously massive, because I absolutely must draw attention to the fact that he is a three-headed dragon.
Don't forget to make their eyes glow, Shout. (and would you believe I nearly did :o)

So, in short, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconskyflower51:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I'm so very sorry if I got Veldarion's hair colour wrong, I searched all my sources but confirmation proved elusive

Also! If you haven't read her amazing Skyrim fanfiction Dragonheart yet, I highly recommend it. 'Tis an excellent and compelling read. [link] 
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Can't sneak up on 3 heads.
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That you cannot. *nodnod*
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Wow, this is quite an epic scene! I love the scale differences between the dragons are their riders, hah! And also that dramatic lighting and smoky/cloudy effect, fight bright flashes on the weapons!
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Special effects like glow, shadow and mist are usually the last layers I add to a piece and they're my favourite layers to do :D Glad you enjoy it! heh... scale...  
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Aaaaaah, same here! :D Love me some glowy thingies! (Hehe, I see what you did there :XD: ).
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Still reading Dragonheart, about to hit the finale and this. Is. AWESOME!! :D Nice work Keep up :3
ShoutFinder's avatar
Ooh yes, that finale's worth hitting...! Glad you like the piece! And thanks, I hope to! :D
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this is an amazing piece!!! I like how it seems like a movie
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Thank you! I'm glad I got that impression across :D
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Looks very amazing!
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Thanks so much!
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You're welcome 🙂
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*heavy breathing, flailing, and squeeing noises*
OK, breathe, Sky, breathe. I'm sure you can express your love for this in a slightly more eloquent manner. :XD:

I am kinda glad your timezones are ahead of mine so I get to see this early. :D First of all: I love this and everything about it! All this time on, I am still so fond of Dragonheart and its characters, and I have seldom enjoyed writing anything quite so much as its final battle. So seeing it brought to life by your immensely talented hands... it does all kinds of things to my heart and all of them are good. :love:
Where to start... Qoyoliiz. Dear Divines, Qoyoliiz. The sheer scale of him feels overwhelming even for me, his creator - I thought at first that Sha and Kaaldunir were hovering above the Throat of the World, and then I realised, no, that's not a mountain, that's his wings. And the realisation of how immense he is here slowly sunk in, and it's so. Perfect. You've captured him just as I imagine him - a creature so utterly powerful to look at that the dragons of Skyrim would rise up again to follow him, that he would tear families and a land and lives apart... I adore how he rises up out of the mist and seems to blend into it, and how his eyes glow (especially that eye glow!), the strong and sinuous curves of his necks, and how each head looks at Sha with a different expression - scornful and malevolent glee, steely determination, rage... You make dragons look so darn expressive, and I'm endlessly in awe of it. 

Ooh, and Veldarion! Standing up so proud and confident on Qoyoliiz's back... I love how his hair streams out behind him (perfect colour, our Spooky Psychic Link guided you even if references could not :XD:), and his magnificent billowing robes... and yet he's so utterly dwarfed by the beast who carries him, he isn't anywhere near as in control as he thinks he is... and he is so perfectly drawn.

And then, of course, Sha and Kaaldunir. I think Kaaldunir might be my favourite part of all of this - look at that graceful curve of her body, the way her legs trail behind her, the spread of her wings, her tail... everything looks so natural, and I can almost see her moving. And the light on her scales, and those wonderful stripes, and... everything. My beautiful little Vahlok-Dovah, you look so fine and grown up. :happycry: And Sha... she looks so tiny in comparison to the immense creatures around her, but her pose is so strong and fearless, and I am utterly in love with how she and Kaaldunir stand out so much against the mist and the haze that half-clouds Qoyoliiz. A perfect way of showing that while they may not be anywhere near as huge and powerful, in the end, they're the strong ones.

OK, this is an essay-length comment now, so to summarise: this is so beautiful, and powerful, and I adore it to bits. Thank you so so much for being a wonderful person and friend, thank you for all the support and love you gave this story back when I was in the wild and often exhausting process of writing it - and thank you a million times for such a wonderful birthday present! :happybounce: :squee: :glomp:
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It's lovely being ahead of people sometimes - they tell me I'm a day ahead and I tell them, technically, nope! I have every right to bestow this upon you right now! :D And I could not wait to upload this when it was done because I was absurdly proud of it. :dummy:

Qoyoliiz came out so nicely, what a good boy :D It's an experiment drawing dragons face-on sometimes, they're all angles and snout horn. But figuring out the curling of their neck is always the fun part.
If I'd cared to make this a 3000-pixel monstrosity I would have tried adding details to Vel's face including his scar, but alas, small-ish canvas because my computer is running out of space. :XD:

I'm glad you like my depiction of those two! I believe the only four references I had for Kaaldunir were 'Purple scales. Blue eyes. Lightning-shaped horns. Spikes.' Then I remembered she was a Vahlok-Dovah and immediately found immense freedom in creating a concept for her, because I've realized just how much I've missed drawing dragons. Heart 

I'm so happy you're so happy!! And you're very very welcome, because you've been an amazing friend to me. Hug 
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Well, I have caught up with you now, and it's just as beautiful now as it was yesterday... or this morning... or whenever. :XD:
Looks like I should have expanded a bit on my physical descriptions in the story, then. :D Ah well - I'm glad my lack of elaboration gave you freedom to play around, as Kaaldunir - and everyone else - turned out looking absolutely beautiful! 
You have been equally amazing! How very glad I am we stumbled across each other on FFN a silly amount of years ago. :huggle:
ShoutFinder's avatar
:XD: Timezones, eyyy! /fingerguns
:D I'm so glad they did!
D'aww Sky Heart You're making me all nostalgic now. Eek, I feel old. :XD:
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I wish a Dragon like that existed in Skyrim LoL, it would be pretty epic to ride on Odahviing and face that massive beast in a dog fight. >XD
ShoutFinder's avatar
I know right?????? Make it happen, Bethesda! :XD:
Or heck, make it happen, Skyrim mod-makers! Since their skill is only improving to dangerous levels as Skyrim nears its 6th birthday...
CommanderNova702's avatar
Zhey have zhe tools to make it happen, nein! >XD
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