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A young Reachman by the name of Angof the Bright peruses a certain tome in the mists of the Glenumbra fens, more than unaware of the tragic twist his tale would soon take...

:iconnorroendyrd: and I have collaborated for an entry into th:iconthe-bards-college: group 'Through the Eyes of a Bad Guy' contest theme. Norr wrote the beautiful tale, which I have illustrated a scene from.

The story centres around one Angof, a villain the player meets in the Glenumbra and Coldharbour storylines. For those unaware of his canon background, you can read about Angof the Grave-Singer (how he appears across the Glenumbra chapter) here:… And about Angof the Undying (the name he wears in his master Molag Bal's plane) here:…

This is also what the wiki denotes about Angof:

Angof the Undying is a Reachman necromancer and the leader of the Bloodthorn Cult. In death, he was sent to the Cliffs of Failure in Coldharbour for displeasing his master, Molag Bal. You have the option to take his side and save him from eternal battling. He expresses regret for his actions and agrees to aid in the fight against Bal in the hopes of curing his disfigurement.

You can read Norroen's beautiful story here:… (my grumpy Dunmer boy gets a mention too! :D)
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Wow, this is absolutely incredible, a perfect illustration for the story! I just love how your look for non-magic-corrupted Angof - and I don't know whether the twisty roots behind his back are deliberate visual foreshadowing for his future vine-ified self, but they're a great touch! And as ever I'm blown away by your use of colours and lighting, with all the cold night-time blues and the light thrown on the tree...
Best of luck to you both in the contest! :D