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Promarker Rainbow Set

By Shourei
Commissions Now Open!O(≧∇≦)O♥ [link]

I had to buy 3 grey promarkers for school..(Totally love 'em ;O)
A good friend gave me like,lots of colors *o*,
so I started drawing like crazy xD

The red one was actually meant to be a sketch for a wonderland white rabbit cosplay(which I cosplayed @ F.A.C.T.S. 2010)
But my schoolbuddies made me draw a set ^^
(That pink is the color of my awesome paper ^^")

So.. Enjoy ;D
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wow this is awesome! :D Hope I can be this good with my promakers ;) Learning how to use them now :) Got a few yesterday. 

I really like the green one <3
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Ah awesome :D
They can take some time to get used to, but once you got the trick, it's AWESOME
Just make sure to work on the way you use strokes, if you go over the same spot multiple times, it'll get darker, so that's easy shading
But sometimes 1 quick stroke can give a variation in shades, and if you know how to control that, you'll get amazing effects
I'm a total sucker when it comes to explaining things.. does it show? xD
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wow, i love your style. your promarker skills are off the charts! ugh, im tryin to get better with mine but im doing the junior cert at the mo so its goodbye free time!

i just cant get over this drawing! :squee:
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Oooh thank you!
I love playing with these markers =w=
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I found this on Google when I typed in ProMarkers. *_*
I wish I could draw this well.
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Google,really? That's cool xD
Thank you very much btw:)
Do you have promarkers as well?
epicjello567's avatar
Not as of yet. :3 I'm getting a few packs for Christmas.
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Blending Set 2, Mid tones pack, and skin tone pack. Total of 23 markers. <3
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Ooooh sounds great :D
I never really bought sets, just colors that I liked :P
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Wow... Impressive :D
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Wow i love how you use the markers :D
Shourei's avatar
It's one of my oldest promarker drawings though,
I was still testing how to use them
Stuckinafantasy's avatar
it's still realyy good :D I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to using them atm :L
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Oh, well maybe it could be usefull what I replied to somebody else here on this drawing, check it out ^^
And thanks again :)
Stuckinafantasy's avatar
oh sorry! ^^ I'll go look
Shourei's avatar
You don't have to apologize :D
I just figured it might be usefull, but I didn't feel like typing it again xD
Stuckinafantasy's avatar
it's fine! typing things again is effort so i get your point XD
Shourei's avatar
Hahaha I can be a lazy bum xD
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