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After being away for a few years, I'm finally back in the game of character and story design... and what better way to get started than with MLP?  In the last few weeks, my mind has been running a million miles a minute with this story that I've come up with which a lot of the local Bronies have fallen in love with and would kill to see this end up on TV, or even the silver screen.

With the synopsis of the story being complete along with many of the details, I've already begun on the design work for some of the new characters that are involved, including Celestia's/Luna's mother!, and a new antagonist as well.  You can currently find the concept designs in my gallery.

I've already begun submission of the story to both Lauren Faust and Meghan McCarthy, and awaiting response.  

Check out the designs I've posted so far.  Any feedback and/or ideas you may have will be greatly considered and appreciated.
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