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Lady Sin color concept (Final) (opinions needed.)

By Shoujo-Jojo
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I completely changed the palette for this character, because the three previous ones looked too much like Illidan from Warcraft.

I do need opinions/suggestions for the color of the hair. I'm leaning towards a soot/ash color mix, but I don't want it to blend in with the color of her coat...
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It's really nice and all, but there are too many things going on with her. I love colors though. Maybe make the mane the same as the hoof fill. Still, though, please make her have a little less things on her ;-;
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Lighter ashy greys for her hair, definitely, so it doesn't disappear into her coat. Consider maybe even a maroonish red to play off her oranges and reds as a color splash to break up the grey? Also, -in best Illidan voice- I was not prepared -end voice- for an Illidan reference ;p
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Spoiler alert, this villain is that same pony that you asked to cosplay as, lol.
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I know! I remember your basic plot from that day in the library! Will let you know my cosplay feels once I see her final hair ;p
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Maybe you could have a dappled/splashed color, with a sooty color, then have the dapples/splashes be a light ashy color. I like the improvement from the green color scheme, and it isn't too complicated, so very nice. Oh, and if you still need the vector artist, I've been practicing. All I need is a sketch and a color palette.